DB Information F.A.Q

Q: What is a Saiya-jin?
A: If you seriously do not know the answer to this, go, wait no RUN, to the Saiya-jin info section (Coming Soon).

Q: What does F.A.Q. stand for?
A: “Frequently Asked Questions”

Q: What does the “GT” in DragonBall GT stand for?
A: “Grand Tour”

Q: What is a fansub?
A: A fansub is a movie or an episode that is in another language and is subtitled in English at the bottom of the screen. They are Illegal, but no one cares besides FUNimation, and no one cares about FUNimation…

Q: How many movies and specials are there in the anime?
A: In the DragonBall/Z/GT there are 20 total movies and specials. There are 4 DragonBall Movies, 13 DragonBall Z Movies, 2 DragonBall Z Specials, and 1 DragonBall GT Special

Q: Do the movies fit into the normal timeline?
A: I get this question A LOT! Some of them do and some of them don’t. Movies 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 10, 11, and 13 could not have happened. However 5, 6, 7, 9, and 12 could have fit into the timeline.

Q: Did Akira Toriyama make all of DragonBall/Z/GT?
A: Akira Toriyama was the original creator of DragonBall. At the time it was a manga (comic book). When they televised it he was still involved. However, he did not take any part in the production of DragonBall GT. He never wrote a manga for it so there is none. He also had no part in the DragonBall/Z movies or the Garlic Jr. Saga in DragonBall Z.

Q: Who is related to Son Goku?
A: His Father is Bardock, his mother is unknown, he has a brother named Raditsu (Raditz), two sons named Son Gohan, and Son Goten, a grandchild named Pan, and a Great-Great Grandchild named Son Goku Jr.

Q: Who is the strongest person at the end of DragonBall GT?
A: Although others outmatch him throughout the anime, by the end of the series Son Goku is definitely the strongest fighter in the universe that we know of.

Q: What is the strongest race?
A: The strongest race, although not at first, is probably the Saiya-jin’s.

Q: What happened to the rest of the Saiya-jins?
A: When Vegeta was about 5, and a couple days after Son Goku was born, Freezer sent Vegeta and his bodyguard Nappa to a distant planet to kill of all of the inhabitants so it could be sold. Son Goku was shipped off to Earth, and Raditsu was probably occupying a planet as well (we don’t know for sure). Zarbon-san told Freezer that the Saiya-jin keep getting stronger, and pretty soon they may be able to overthrow Freezer. Freezer to Zarbon-san’s advice and blew up Planet Vegeta instantly killing all but 4 remaining Saiya-jin’s. The survivors were Vegeta, Nappa, Raditsu, and Kakarotto (Son Goku). Brolli, Paragas, and Tauros (Turles) are only in the movies and the movies don’t really fit into the plot that well.

Q: What the Hell is up with these different timelines?
A: Okay, here we go... The first timeline is the one we follow until the end of the Garlic Jr. Saga. Goku comes home, but becomes very sick. He would die from heart disease. Then the Androids attack and kill off all of the Z-Fighters except Son Gohan and Chibi Trunks. 13 years later, Gohan, who has now become a Super Saiya-jin, is training a 13 year old Trunks to fight the Androids. Long story short, the Androids kill Son Gohan, Trunks goes Super Saiya-jin, and then travels back in time 3 years later in the time machine Buruma had been building to tell Son Goku of his death and of the Artificial Humans that are coming. When he goes back in time he creates the second timeline. By going back in time, you do not alter the world you live in, everything that has already happened you cannot change, you do however create a new reality also known as a "Timeline." The second timeline is the one we follow all the way to the end of DragonBall GT. But wait, there's more! (-Scary Movie (its good, go rent it)) Anywayz.... there is a third timeline that is created when Cell kills Mirai No Trunks and takes his time machine to the second timeline so he can absorb the Androids to become perfect (the Androids in his timeline had already been killed by Trunks). He becomes the Cell that we know best. This is the one that is killed by Super Saiya-jin Level 2 Gohan in the Cell Games.

Q: How many episodes are in each series?
A: There are 153 episodes in DragonBall, 291 episodes in DragonBall Z, and 64 episodes in DragonBall GT; this comes to a grand total of 508 episodes.

Q: How did Trunks get his sword?
A: Another question I receive weekly…. Although there is several theories on How Trunks got his sword, Akira never actually tells us what happens. My personal guess is that the Androids destroyed a town and by the time Mirai No Trunks got to the scene, the Androids were long gone. Then, as Trunks was looking through the wreckage, he found a sword that one of the civilians had tried to use on the Androids. In Movie 13 they attempt to provide some type of explanation, but it doesn’t fit into the plot at all. They say that a brave warrior name Tapion gives the sword to Chibi Trunks, but in that movie Son Goku is SSJ3, Son Goten had been born, and Gotenks is fused. None of those things could have possibly happened in Trunks timeline because Son Goten was never born and Gotenks or SSJ3 Son Goku would have easily killed off the Androids.

Q: What is a Power Level?
A: A power level is a reading of how much “Ki” or energy you have. The more energy you have, the higher your power level is, and the higher your power level is, the stronger you are.

Q: What is the most affective technique in the whole anime?
A: While the Kame Hame Ha and the Final Flash are well known and used a lot, I would have to say the Genki-Dama (Spirit Bomb) is the best. It beats, not kills, but beats Vegeta, it somewhat slows down Freezer, and it destroys Buu. For more information on the Genki-Dama, go to the Technique List (Coming Soon)

Q: What is a Tenkaichi Budoukai?
A: This is a martial arts tournament that is held every now and then. The winner of this event is said to be the strongest person in the world, even though Mr. Satan wins it several times due to Goku and friends not entering or Goku and friends letting him win.

Q: What planet do Saiya-jins originate from?
A: They originate from the planet Vegeta. The Planet Vegeta was actually originally called the planet Plant until the Saiya-jins took over it.

Q: Why do the voices in the dub sound different in different episodes?
A: In seasons 1 and 2, FUNimation had pretty good voices for the characters, but then "It" happened. FUNimation, already well known for its cheapness, hit an all time low in the category of being cheap. They fired the good voice actors, and replaced them with people who absolutely no talent whatsoever. These "Librarians" don't cost nearly as much money as the Ocean Group (the Old Actors), so FUNi was pleased. Will the good VA's ever return? I'm not sure. There was a rumor a couple of months ago that even made it to PlanetNamek.com, the most reliable news source for DBZ on the web, but the kept the old VA's for the Buu Saga. Currently the Ocean Group is working on the English dub in Holland. To hear the differences go to Daizenshuu EX. They have clips of the Holland dub.

Q: Who kills all of the main villains?
A: There will eventually be a deaths section, but for now I’ll just post this. Raditsu is killed by Piccolo, Nappa is killed by Vegeta, Freezer is killed by Mirai No Trunks, Garlic Jr. is immortal so he cannot die, Android 16 is killed by Cell, Androids 17 & 18 are absorbed by Cell, but are spit out when Cell dies. Android 19 is killed by Vegeta, Android 20 (Dr. Gero) is killed by Android 17, Cell is killed by Gohan, Buu is killed by Goku, and Super 17 (GT) is killed by Goku. In the movies, Dr. Willow is killed by Goku, Tauros is killed by Goku, Slug is killed by Goku, Kooler is killed by Goku and Vegeta giving him two much energy and he explodes, android 13 is killed by Goku, android 14 is killed by Mirai No Trunks, Android 15 is killed by Vegeta, Brolli is killed by Goku, Gohan, and Goten with a triple Kame Hame Ha, Bojack is killed by Gohan, Bio-Brolli (He is a clone, he is NOT Brolli) is killed by Goten & Trunks, Janenba is killed by Gogeta, and Hildegarn is killed by Son Goku.

Q: When do episodes air?
A: Check out the schedule section.

Q: When will Cartoon Network release new episodes?
A: The Buu Saga will be released this fall on Cartoon Network, but the tapes that are sold by FUNimation are being sold right now. The Kai Tournament is out right now, and the rest of the Great Saiyaman saga will be released in March.

Q: Why does everyone hate FUNimation?
A: Because the voices currently suck, they edited the crap out of the Saiya-jin and Namek saga's, they're all cheap bastards, and they continue to disappoint the true fans on a weekly basis. A few recent examples are the renaming of Mr. Satan, "Hercule." I, just like many other fans, think this may be the worst name possible. Also, the didn't acknowledge Gohan's emotional transformation to Super Saiya-jin Level 2. He was just considered an "Ascended Saiyan." They also got rid of the great song in the background of his transformation called "Day of Destiny: Spirit vs. Spirit," completely ruining the scene. The Gay-Ass jokes from Kuririn don't help either.

Q: Does FUNimation edit DragonBall Z?
A: YES, unreasonable amounts of editing are taken from every episode. They successfully turned the first 66 episodes of the Japanese series into 53 episodes through unnecessary editing. The editing issue has gotten much better. They used to refer to Hell as HFIL. They took the bottom of the E off to make it an F, and the bottom of the L of to make it an I. Then they said it stood for "Home For Infinite Losers. In the Kaio Tournament they start referring to it as Hell. Also, in this magical FUNimation world, people don't die, they go to "The Next Dimension." This has also been fixed, but it pisses me of just thinking about it. I can't wait to see how they mess up Buu, Son Goten, Chibi Trunks, Gotenks, Vegetto, and Videl...

Q: Why doesn’t Vegeta go Super Saiya-jin 3, but reaches Super Saiya-jin 4?
A: In DragonBall GT, everyone is taken over by Bebi, and he makes all of them evil. He then orders them all to kill Goku. They figure that Vegeta has the best chance, so Buruma (Bulma) creates the “Brute Ray Gun” Which Vegeta shoots himself with and it allows him to skip the stage.

Q: What is a Manga?
A: A Manga is a Japanese comic book. All of DragonBall and DragonBall GT were based on the manga written by Akira Toriyama. DragonBall GT did not have a Manga.

Q: Is DragonBall/Z/GT still being made?
A: NO!!!!!!! For the last Freaking time… NO!!!!!!!!! DragonBall AF is a made up rumor. People who say that they got the information from Akira Toriyama themselves are just BS-ing you. Toriyama doesn’t even know English. That picture of SSJ5 is nothing, just simple Fan Art.

Q: Who is Akira Toriyama?
A: He is the Ultimate Creator of the Series DragonBall, he initially wrote the Manga.

Q: What is a Daizenshuu?
A: It is a set of 10 books that basically go through the entire story of DragonBall. These are extremely rare to find, and even if you did find them, they are completely written in Japanese, so you would have to have it translated.

Q: What is DragonBall AF?
A: A myth. It is a made up rumor. Anyone who says they have seen it or they know someone who lives in Japan that has seen it is just plain lying. Those pics of SSJ5 Goku are nothing more than Fan Art.

Q: How does Son Goku officially die for good?
A: In the Last episode of GT, Son Goku gives up his life so that the DragonBalls can be used to wish back all those who died while the Evil Shenron Saga was taking place. I could go into a greater explanation, but it will eventually be in the DragonBall GT episode guide.

Q: How does Son Goku get off Namek?
A: At the last second he sees a Space Pod falling to the lava, he gets in it and jets off without setting a course. It was one of the Ginyu Forces’ pods. The Pod took him to the Planet Yardrat, where he learned Instantaneous Movement.

Q: Does Son Goku really kill Freezer?
A: No, his father, King Cold, finds Freezer near-death. King Cold has his men fix up Freezer and turn him into “Freezer-bot.” He then returns to Earth, where he is the first person to meet Mirai No Trunks. Mirai No Trunks then slices Freezer down the center with his sword, then moves on and kills Freezer’s father.

Q: What is an Oozauru?
A: When a Saiya-jin looks up at a full moon and has a tail, he turns into a Giant ape-like creature called an Oozauru. His power level increases by exactly 10x and he becomes extremely dangerous. If you are a child, you may have some difficulty controlling yourself in this form. When Son Goku was a child, he accidentally stepped on the stadium where the hold the martial arts tournament and he also stepped on his Grandfather Gohan (Goku named his son after his Grandfather). When Gohan went Oozauru as a child he attempted to kill Piccolo.

Q: What does the term “Mystic” mean?
A: During the Buu Saga, Son Gohan trained on East Kaioshin’s planet to attempt to reach the level of “Mystic.” When you are training you cannot turn SSJ, which is why Gohan doesn’t go SSJ in the Buu Saga. This level is said to be way stronger than any SSJ form including SSJ4. Gohan never actually reaches mystic because once Buu dies, he goes into his “nerd” stage.

Q: Can I use your Information for my site?
A: NO!!!! If you have any idea how long I have spent making all of these sections you wouldn’t even consider that. This F.A.Q. alone took about 5 hours total to write and type so I am begging you not to take this Information from SaiyansLair. If you see anyone who has taken Info from here. E-mail it to me here right away!!

Q: Where do you get your info?
A: I get my Information from my own head. I sit down and right all of the sections up and then type them up and then upload them to the site. The way I get my information by watching the anime, and I don’t mean the Dub crap. I own all of the movies and specials, and I’ve seen most of the 508 episode series. I also have read a little more than half of the manga.

Q: Wanna be best friends?
A: I actually have gotten this question before. I would love to talk to you and answer your questions, just not for hours where you just constantly praise the site. It’s a great site, don’t get me wrong, but it’s truly annoying to have someone talk to you for an hour straight about how great the new layout is. I love compliments, just don’t remind me of your compliments every 5 seconds. Also, I am NOT available to work on other sites. I’ve received around 15 offers to be “Co-Webmaster” of different sites. I am going to dedicate all of my DragonBall time to this site.

Q: Can I send you Information for you to use?
A:Yes I'd be happy to accept all information I do not have about DB/Z/GT you can also send in pics or gifs if you'd like.

Q: Can you make me a layout, banner, link my site, etc.?
A: I get these questions every 30 minutes. I don’t know how to do good layouts, I can’t make a decent banner,  I do have the authority to get your site linked or affiliated. Contact me with your site and name, also provide a link back in your link/affiliate section.