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***NEW:Just added 3 new sections the attack list section shows all the attacks I could find and info on them! Also added a Power Levels section some good info there listed in order from which they are in the Dbz/GT series and last but not least a fan art section I don't have any pictures yet but I'm getting there so please be patient! :)::

***NEW::Added a new section the Time Line has all the information in Dbz to as close as I could get it , thanx again and KEEP checking back::

***NEW:: Added a Super Saiyans section tells all about super saiyans and how they became a super saiyans::

***NEW::Added a new section About The Dragon Balls basically tells about there powers and abilities::
***NEW::Added a new Movie Clips Section not very good because I don't have any clips, please e-mail me some clips by Contacting Me, thanx::

***NEW::Added a new Gif sections lots of gifs coming in the ones I have up there aren't all of them but please contact me with more I would really appreciate it, thanx::

***I just got my computer hooked up today, after a long move from Washington to Hawaii. That's why I have not updated This web site for so long, sorry for the delay, many of you have sent in pictures and GIFS but I wasn't able to put them onto the Site because I didn't have my computer. So if you would please send in any pics you may have or have tried to send in before please Contact Me I will be happy if you could send in any more information, Thanx!::

Also I have added some more pics and I am STILL working on the Gifs, I still don't have many of them so Send them in as SOON as possible. I am adding new Affiliates so if you want to buy any Dbz Items you can go there and check em out, also, I will continue to work on my web page so it'll become better for you and a more reliable resource for information about DBZ. Thanx Again!

***NEW::added LOTS of new gifs, Lots of them But I still need some more, please contact me and send some in. I also need more information on other characters lots of information please send it in by clicking the link above,or click here -> Contact me, Please send them in, gifs, pics, and information will all be gratefully accepted, oh and also I need some new fan art I don't have a lot as you can tell so please send some in!:: ***NEW::Also updated my best Dbz pics, lots more, and some nice sweet looking ones, send in some more, all the new ones up there are from people who sent them in, keep checking back, Thanx!::

***NEW:: Also got a new link, its a nice site, a RPG very nice, he keeps updating it regularly, so check in and look around very nice site, Thanx, Click the Banner below:
Sorry for the wait I had some trouble with my web page document, it said it wouldn't open so I had to redo it, I hope you will like it, I am also adding some dragon ball Z/GT Mp3's so I'll keep updating, Thanx

***NEW:: Added a new Tell A Friend button click it to tell all your friends, new I hope you guys like it, This site is exactly the same as the other one beside the new template, and a new MP3 section, I am currently working on the gif section so check back. Thanx
Added a New Section Called Little Known DBZ Facts just lists some little known dbz facts but some of you may already know them. Well I am currently trying to get more DBZ stuff for my site and am also currently trying to get some good Affiliates if you know of any good ones please E-mail Me., Thanx

Added more to the Super Saiyans area, Added new Episode Lists, (japanese and American). Added a schedule So everyone knows when it starts, Added more to the DragonBall Section lots more info.added some Affiliates and a DBZ F.A.Q click here to go there, thanx

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