The DragonBalls are the main thing on Dragonball to Dragonball GT. You may be wondering, what are the Dragonballs and what do they do? Well you came to the right place here you will find information on this huge orange-like spheres. If any of you think or know of such an error on this page plz e-mail me with the error and correction. Thank you and enjoy.
*NOTE: words in Blue are important information.

What are the Dragonballs?

Their physical apperance(Nameks): The Namekians Dragonballs are this massive orange spheres. Each pertaining a small star located in the middle of the sphere indicating which number is the Dragonball. Ranging from one through seven. This balls are huge they are around four times as big as the Earth's Dragonballs. (as you can see by the left image)

Their physical apperance(Earth): The Earths Dragonballs are much the same as the Nameks. The only difference that I can tell are the size of the Dragonballs. The size of the Earths Dragonballs are so small they can fit into a child's hands!. OR you can define them as been four times smaller than that of a Namekian Dragonball. (as you can see by the right image)
  After the summanor has been granted his wish... After someone(or something) has collected all of the seven magical spheres and made his one[two or three] wishes. The Dragonballs turn into this white huge stone the size of the Dragonballs( as shown on the left image ) and could only come back it's original state, when the

creator revives the Dragonballs. This happens when a person has been granted a wish or when the creator of the Dragonballs has died. This so happens when Guru(eldest namek) died and a new namek elder named: Muri. Revived the Dragonballs( as well as upgraded the dragon, read below for more details ) to make them back to its original state. This also happens when Kami and Piccolo both fuse back as ONE and the precious crystal spheres turn into a white stone. Later on Dende has been made Kami and revived the Dragonballs as well as upgraded the dragon, read below for more details ) to turn them back to its precious state.
The story behind the Dragonballs: Long ago, in the Dragonball story, there was this young teenage girl(Bulma) who met Goku when he was still a child. She explained to him that she was looking for this Dragonballs. Also told him whoever collects the seven dragonballs can be granted one wish of their liking. Goku and Bulma both look for the Dragonballs and find out mysteries and adventures along the way.

Who are the Dragons who grant your wishes?
The Namekian dragon »»» Porunga(Saichourou): This dragon is the Namekian dragon. He's name is "Porunga" he was created by Guru(Saichourou) the eldest namek. Porunga has the power to grant three wishes of any kind and off course it has to be within the creator's powers. He is the biggest dragon out of all the dragons. He has two very large spikes in both of his shoulders, four spikes around his head and has very large teeth(off course). He can be summaned every 130 days, a full namek year. Porunga can revive a person an unlimited times but only one person per wish but he can return them back to life as many times as they want.

One rule to every dragon that they cannot use the wish to destroy a person because it goes over the power of the creator. To summan the dragon you will need to say a special chant, ONLY in the Namkeian language. ( You can view a pic of Porunga on the right side of your screen. )
The Namekian dragon »»» Porunga(After upgraded): This Namekian Dragon, Porunga, after Guru has died the dragonballs turn into a huge white stone( click here for details ) Muri was granted to be the new elder namek for the namekians. He then upgraded the dragonballs to be much much more greater than that of Guru's. He made them so powerful they were more powerful than Dai-Kaiosins'. This newly upgraded dragon can now revive an umlimited number of people(or thing) at a time. He can also grant ANY wish the summanor wants, without any rules or flaws in them. The only "bad" changed that occured is the time for the Dragonballs to reappear, which is 6 months, around 290 days.

The Earth dragon »»» Shenron:
The name of this dragon is "Shenron" and was created by Kami before he split into Piccolo Daimao. Shenron can grant any wish but it has to be within the creators powers to do so. Though Porunga is the biggest, Shenron is the LONGEST out of all, he ranges from over 200 yards. He has red/green hair around his face and has long nostrils. He can be summaned every 365 days, a full Earth year. He can wish an unlimited of people back to life in one time but can it only revive someone back to life only ONCE. Also all rules apply to every dragon including this one as well, they cannot use the wish to destroy a person because it goes over the power of the creator. For someone to summan the dragon they need to say a special chant in Japanese.( You can view a pic of Shenron on the left image )
The Earth dragon »»» Shenron(After Upgraded): The Earth's dragon, Shenron. When Kami and Piccolo fused into one. The dragonballs turned into stone( click here for details ) Dende was suggested to be Earth's new Kami by Muri. Later on he was asked to revive the dragon and make it greater than it was before. He then allowed the dragons power to increase by now adding one more wish to the count, making it two. So now Shenron can grant two wishes! That was probably the only thing being upgraded.

What are the black star dragonballs?
The whole enchalada...

This set of magical balls are much the same as any other dragonballs. Thy're the size of Earths Dragonballs but the only different physical characteristic, is the center stars are BLACK. This are much more "unique" set of balls. As this Dragonballs have so much power, they will destroy a certain globe where the Dragonballs originally were used. Unless you bring the spheres back to the original planet in ONE YEAR. This Dragonballs DO NOT scatter throughout the globe but instead this "weird" magical balls, scatter through out the whole universe.

What way(s) can you locate the Dragonballs?
A dragonball radar:

This special and "swell" piece of technology was made by Bulma to help her out on her journey to look for the Dragonballs. The front part is a green screen. There you will find seven dots locating the seven Dragonballs.

By clicking the "top button" you will enable the radar to zoom in to your certain Dragonball or zoom out. You can also check to see whats your distance between you can the dragonball closest to you. The radar has been used many times by many of the characters of Dragonball through DragonballGT. In DBGT there is a little tiny robot that Pan, Goku, and Trunks find. He also is a Dragonball Radar but does not look any thing like Bulmas. It's a little robot which can talk and tell you more information by talking to you, instead of you working it out. This is probably the only way which you can guarantee yourself to find a Dragonball. Another way of finding the Dragonballs is listed below.

 Just plain ol' luck... This is probably one of the stupidest ways to find the Dragonballs, but hey!, it does happen. Some people have got the Dragonballs by either stumbling into them by just wondering around or doing an activity. Many people also have gotten the Dragonballs by someone (or relative) giving it to them. Its just luck why they get it.