History Of DBZ

Dragon Ball Z
Goku has a reunion with his friends and introduces them to Gohan, his five year old son. However, a Saiyan alien lands on Earth and to seek Goku. He introduces himself as Raditz, Goku's older brother, and asks Goku to join him in the Saiyan quest of universal destruction. But, when Goku refuses, Raditz kidnaps Gohan to blackmails Goku to kill innocent civilians. However, Goku remains loyal to Earth and decides to rescue Gohan through another method-- by killing Raditz! Surprisingly, Piccolo allies with Goku and the first fight of Dragon ball Z began. Piccolo decides to gather energy to do a super fireball on Raditz. Meanwhile, Goku stalls time. At the end, Goku puts his brother in a hold. At the advantage, Piccolo unleashes his fireball, which blasts and hits both Goku and Raditz! Krillin finds the fighters and laughs at the dying Raditz as he mocks him that Goku will be brought back to life through the power of the Dragon balls. Gokus brother replies that the device he uses to detect energy levels can also be used for communication. He sends the news about the Dragon balls to his two comrades, and dies.
Because Piccolo discovered that Gohan had hidden powers when Gohan unknowingly head butts and damages Raditz, he kidnaps Gohan in an attempt to train him. Goku, rather than retiring in Heaven, is sent on a quest to run on Snake Way and to seek King Kaiou to receive training for the upcoming fight with the upcoming Saiyans. The rest of the Z warriors (Krillin, Yamcha, Tenshin-han, and Chauzu) are gathered to receive special training from Kami
One year later, Nappa and Vegeta (the evil Saiyans) arrive to Earth. (But, they intend to find the Dragon balls to be granted the wish of immortality rather that to bring back the life of their unworthy comrade.) First come the battle against the Saiba-men (little Green monsters) that Nappa planted. The Saiba-men fight, but are eventually killed by Vegeta and Krillin. (At one of these fights, Yamcha is killed.) After their defeat, our heroes fight Nappa; Vegeta stands in the background and watches. In a series of battles, Chauzu dies as he sacrifices himself in an attempt to blow up Nappa; Tenshin-han dies by using up his strength to try to kill Nappa; Piccolo dies when he covers Gohan from Nappa's fireball. Finally, Goku arrives and easily defeats Nappa. Vegeta sees Nappa's uselessness and kills him with a single fireball.

As you all can guess, the remaining Z warriors begin to fight Vegeta. Goku begins to fight Vegeta. The odds are against Vegeta, so Vegeta creates an energy ball that substitutes the moon. Then, he turns into his full moon stage and turns into a giant gorilla. Our heroes get kicked around, but Vegeta later gets his tail cut off by Yajirobe. Goku donates energy from his Tenki-Dama to Krillin. This fireball hits Vegeta, but Vegeta survives. Meanwhile, Gohan's tail grows back. Gohan turns into his full moon stage and kicks Vegeta around. Later, Gohan gets his tail cut off by Vegeta and finally turns back into a little boy... landing right on top of Vegeta. Vegeta, weary and defeated, crawls to his space shuttle and leaves Earth.
The Frieza Saga (final part)!

Frieza, who destroyed the Saiyan planet in the battle with Bardock (Gokus father) is in search of the Dragon balls on Planet Namek (Piccolo's home planet) to become immortal. Bulma later discovers that there are Dragon balls on the Namek, but it would take thousands of years to travel there. Mr.PoPo appears and tells about the ship that Piccolo and Kami took to travel to Earth. With a faster spaceship, Krillin, Gohan, and Bulma reach Namek to gather the dragon balls to revive Yamcha, Tenshin-han, Chauzu, and Piccolo... and encounter Frieza. (The Earth dragon balls vanished when Piccolo was killed.) Vegeta also goes to Namek to gather the dragon balls for immortality to kill Frieza.
Goku later also travels to Namek after recovering from the battle against Vegeta. Meanwhile, Vegeta begins his fight against Frieza. Minions such as Dodorian, Frieza's right-hand man, are killed. Later, Friezas other chief henchman, Zarbon, is also killed. Vegeta joins the Z Warriors, but only to insure that Goku survives the battle so that he could kill him personally. (However, Vegeta ends up marrying Bulma, and Bulma is now pregnant with Trunks.) Frieza then calls on The Ginyu Force to fight the Z warriors, but Team Ginyu was killed by Vegeta (except for Ginyu, who accidentally turned into a frog when he tried to swap bodies with Vegeta and Goku threw a frog in his path). Then, follows the fights against Frieza, who goes through 3 transformations to reach perfect form. On one battle, Krillin is killed and Goku enrages in an anger that he reaches Super Saiyan level for the first time. (This is when the golden hair comes in.) He beats Frieza (as well as destroy Friezas planet) with a single blast, and Frieza learns about the true powers behind a Super Saiyan. Afterwards, Goku escapes to planet Yardrat, where he learns the ability to teleport. However, everyone thinks that Goku was killed in battle. Friezas father, Cold, learns about Friezas defeat and quickly gathers Friezas body parts, which are floating around in space. His henchmen re-ensemble Frieza. (This is why Frieza was half robotic.) Frieza tells his father about Goku and his powers, but his father doesn't believe him and boasts that he is the universe's strongest warrior and . (These villains are space conquerors.)

Frieza, Cold, and his crew land on earth to seek revenge on the Z Warriors and to destroy Earth. All of a sudden, a figure comes out of nowhere and adult Trunks appears. He turns into his Super Saiyan level and aids the Z Warriors in their fight. Trunks faces Frieza and his crew and easily kills them. (The dead Z Warriors were restored to life with a wish from the Dragon balls on planet Namek.) Trunks introduces himself as Bulma's and Vegeta's future son who grew up and traveled back in time with medicine to prevent the death of Goku so that future would not be in chaos. Everyone thinks that Goku is dead, but Trunks tells that Goku is on Yardrat and will return soon. (This is the story of what happens in the next Dragonball Z series--the Cell series.) However, Vegeta is jealous over the fact that there is another Saiyan around -his own son- now, who is stronger than him.
The Cell Saga!
After the battle against Frieza, our heroes enter the age of Cell...
This series starts off as Dr. Gero plots his revenge. He starts off by creating Android #19 to destroy Goku. Dr. Gero later asks Android #19 to make him into a robot like him so that he would be stronger, and he becomes Android #20! The Z Warriors meet with Androids #19 and #20 and fight. Goku leaves battle and Vegeta faces Android #19. Dr. Gero's plot fails and Android #19 is destroyed. Dr. Gero is also destroyed to pieces, but he programmed himself to auto-repair and survives.

Android #20 then works on developing a better android model. Meanwhile, he unleashes two of his other creations, Android #17 and Android #18. Androids #17 and #18 get annoyed of Dr. Gero. As a result, Android #17 kills Dr. Gero. But, the doctor had just finished creating Android #21, who is still developing in a giant test tube. Before he dies, he issues the final command to his new android to feast on the rebellions androids. Android #17 and Android #18 leave the lab and unleash Android #16. But as it turns out, Android #16 is a peaceful android. (This can be shown through his love towards the wild animals.) As time passes, the Z Warriors become aware of the new androids as they battle again and again but always reach a stalemate. However, the Z Warriors are still not match for the androids because the androids are robots, and therefore do not tire in a long battle while the Z Warriors eventually run out of energy. Goku suffers a heart attack in one battle and retreats. Trunks, who was sent back in time by future Bulma with medicine to heal Gokus heart so that Goku would live to kill the androids and thus change the future, gives Goku the medicine. Goku is saved, but the Saiyans still do not continue to fight the androids. Instead, they train in a chamber to get stronger. Meanwhile, Piccolo fuses with Kami, his half father, to become stronger (His story is told in the Dragonball series.) Dende, a Namek child, replaces Kami as guardian of the dragon balls.
Androids #16, #17, and #18 go to seek Goku to destroy him. Piccolo finds the androids first and begins to fight them. Back in Dr. Gero's lab, Cell has finished developing and breaks out of the giant "test tube", promising to fulfill his creator's wish.

Cell flies to find Androids #17 and #18. On his way devours the souls of the unlucky civilians he passes to become stronger. Finally, he meets with the other androids. To our heroes' surprise, they learn that Androids #17 and #18 know nothing about Cell. Cell and Android #17 threaten to kill each other. Android #17 heads out to fight him. But, he does not stand up to Cell and is easily defeated. This is when our heroes learn the great powers of Cell. Android #18 is now worried, but Android #16 flies out to fight Cell. To everybody's amazement, Android #16 is able to stand up to Cell. However, he is still destroyed. Cell now heads for his goal and devours Android #17 with his tail. Cell now changes into Cell--form 2. With the power of Android #17 combined to his, he becomes stronger than ever. Then, he heads over to devour Android #18. Android #18 tries to escape, but she is still eventually devoured. Cell now changes into Cell form 3, and becomes "Perfect Cell" Cell, after devouring the souls of so many people, is no longer an android and becomes organic.

After Cell is gone, Bulma collects the body parts of Android #16 and repairs him. But, he is reprogrammed to fight on the Z Warriors' side. Our heroes now head out to fight Cell. But, Android #16 is once again destroyed. Cell grows strong enough and reproduces. From his body came 7 Cell Juniors, young, blue duplicates of Cell. After a few more battles, Gohan, now a teenager, grows angry enough and reaches Super Saiyan level 2 and destroys all the Cell Juniors. In one of the battles that follows, Cell is kicked and Android #18 is spit back out. (She is unconscious.) Cell turns back into form 2 and is defeated. But, he activates his self destruction mode so that when he dies, the world will blow up with him. To save the Earth, Goku teleports Cell out of Earth and into King Kia's planet, where Cell blows up. Thus, Goku, Kaiou, Kai's gorilla, and Kai's grasshopper die as well.
The Z Warriors mourn the loss of Goku, but at the same time they cheer at the victory over Cell. Unexpectedly, a fireball flies out of nowhere and pierces through Trunks. Upon Trunks' death, Cell, in form 3, appears. He tells that when he blew up, a brain cell survived. From the cell, other cells multiplied and he was once again formed. Cell happily laughs as he tells that he is amazed he is able to rebuild himself into form 3! Then, Cell threatens to destroy the earth. Now it was up to Gohan to try to save our planet. With one arm (the other injured when he went to let a fireball meant for Vegeta hit him), Gohan prepares a fireball. He fires at Cell and Cell fires back. A stalemate is meant, but with King Kias help, Goku is able to talk to Gohan and encourages him. Meanwhile, Krillin protects the unconscious Android #18 and Yamcha, Tenshin-han, and Vegeta attack Cell in hope that this will Gohan distract Cell. With the help of the now dead Kaiou, Goku, also dead, is able to communicate with Gohan and encourages him to use all his power to defeat Cell. Gohan overpowers Cell and Cell is disintegrated by Gohan's fireball. (But, Satan takes credit for Cell's death because of his lies to the reporters.)
At the end, the warriors gather the dragon balls to bring those killed by Cell back to life. However, Goku is still dead because he was already brought back to life once and cannot come back again, but tells that he is okay and is now with Kaiou. Android #18 awakens and flees. However, everybody learns here that Krillin has developed a crush on Android #18! At the end of this series, there is a short memorial about the life of Goku.
The Boo Saga!

The final series of Dragonball Z starts off with Goku competing in a fighting tournament in one of the four King Kias planet. The result is that Goku ties with his worthy opponent. Meanwhile, Gohan is training Goten in martial arts while Vegeta trains Trunks. Both Gohan and Vegeta are surprised at how strong Goten and Trunks are as they turn into their Super Saiyan form at such a young age. Gohan also has a girlfriend (Satans daughter).

Later, Gohan, a hero who has achieved the identity as the Great Saiyan-Man, attends a tournament. When it is the Great Saiyan-Man's turn to compete, he turns into his Super Saiyan form and his disguise is blown off. Everyone is amazed that a nerd, Gohan, is the Great Saiyan-Man. All of a sudden, Spopobitch and Yamu come out of nowhere and absorb Gohan's energy into a "lamp" to revive Boo. Kaiou-shin and his partner, trying to prevent Babi-di's and Darbura's plot to reactivate Boo, allow this to happen so that he could follow the energy stealers to their hideout. (Babi-di's goal is to destroy all life just for the fun of it.) But, he revives Gohan first. The Saiyan warriors decide to go as well. A fight follows. Darbura turns Krillin and Piccolo into stone and Kaiou-shin's partner is killed. The Z warriors learn that Krillin and Piccolo will return to normal once Darbura dies. In battle, Vegeta is turned into Babi-di's slave (this is when the "M" appears on Vegeta's forehead). His energy is used to reactivate Boo. Boo betrays Drabura and eats him. Thus, Piccolo and Krillin are returned to normal. Majin-Vegeta beats Goku, and then goes to fight Boo. Upon failing, Vegeta self-destructs and dies. Afterwards, Bulma gathers the dragon balls to revive all those killed since the fighting tournament. In the fights later on, Goku gets angry enough and reaches Super Saiyan form 3 for the first time! (In stage three, Goku has long hair and is more powerful than ever.) Gohan also heads to Kaiou-shin's planet, pulls out the Z sword, and trains under Dai Kaiou-shin. Goten and Trunks train as well to get stronger. From Goku, they learn the art of fusion to fuse to become one, becoming Gotenks!