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All samples are in
16bit mono sound @ 44.1 khz
PCM WAV format


Distorted Bass Misc. Gits
Guitar1 Bass1 Misc1 Git1
Guitar2 Bass2 Misc2
Guitar3 Bass3 Misc3
Guitar4 Bass4 Misc4
Guitar5 Bass5
Guitar6 Bass6
Guitar7 Bass7
Banjo Hakachukai
Banjo1 Hakachukai 1 140 BPM
Banjo2 Hakachukai 2
Banjo3 Hakachukai 3
Banjo4 Hakachukai 4
Banjo5 Hakachukai 5


1 2 3
  To the bang bang boogie
  To the rythem
  Boogie Da Bee
  Don't stop a rockin
  Funk Funk Funk
  Funk Baby! Funk Funk Funk
  Make it Funky Baby!
  Whatever it is, it's got to be Funky!
  Hit it!
  I said a Hip!
  I said up down Funky town!
  Said up jump the boogie
  Say what!
  We got to keep the funk up!
  You gotz to make it funky
  Up down Funky town!
  Yeah Baby!
  Yeah Do It!


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