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"Greg Sites","New Baltimore, Virginia","Well hopefully this Guestbook will work. I'm getting tired of messing with it!","Submit" "Cris L. Mitchell","Amissville, Virginia","Hey Greg.....looks like you've been busy. Informative. I liked it! Saw some things I hadn't seen before..............Very cool!!!!! cm ","Submit" "Kenny Tyree","Hartwood Va.","Very nice site Greg. Tried to make one myself but didnt turn out as nice as yours.Like the scumbag thing scared the shit out of me though. hehehe good diggin","Submit" "mike","hillsborough,nc","Great site,makes me wish I still lived in centreville.","Submit" "Darryl Bowers","Suffolk, VA","Great site Greg, aka ""Relicman."" I'm goona build my webpage one of these years too, Ha , ha!! Good luck this weekend! Darryl","Submit" "Larry","Virginia","Nice site Greg, looks like you had a great first year! You sure found more than I did in my first year of digging, I think I can remember my first year!! Keep up the good digging Buddy! HH Larry","Submit" "Bruce","Fairfax, VA","You have made some great finds in only a year. The site is great. I especially like the way you explain things like what a Box Plate is.","Submit" "Anita Spears","Knoxville, TN","Excellent!","Submit" "jack doane","rockville, md","good job. good luck, hope you dig lots of good stuff","Submit" "brian ","san jose CA","nice stuff looks we have some of the same things. its a little hard to see some of the pics. you may try scanning with a white background. thanx for checking out my site.","Submit" "Mark Vendittis","Gaitherburg, Maryland","A friend","The site has a lot of good special effects. A lot of cool relics too.","Submit" "Badger Baird","Newington N.H.","Treasure Depot","Lots of good stuff, I'll be back, scumbag.","Submit" "Christopher L Chubb","Elliottsburg Pa.","Treasurenet","I enjoyed looking at all of the relic pictures. I wish I could live where battles once took place. Gettysburg is either overhunted, or if you get to close to the park you will be arrested. I keep myself content with hunting my colonial grounds here in Pa. HH","Submit" "Kevin Nicewarner","Front Royal, Va","Metal Detecting Web Ring","Great finds Greg, especially for only 1 year!! Really enjoyed the pics. Keep Diggin'.......","Submit" "GA REBEL","Savannah, Georgia","Treasure Depot","Greg, great finds and very nice website. Thanks for sharing. I've been detecting since early 1999 also. You're right...its addictive. If you get a chance, check out my website at Best of Hunting","Submit" "Tom De Seyn","Farmington, NY","Treasurenet","Love your site. You've had some really nice finds. Great Web page work. Did you do it yourself?","Submit" "","","Surfed on in","","Submit" "Duane","Utah","Treasurenet","Nice site.","Submit" "DAN COX","CHARLOTTE, NC","Surfed on in","REALLY NEAT WEB SITE. VERY INTERESTING. SOME PICTURES HARD TO MAKE OUT. GOOD HUNTING","Submit" "jeff myers","columbia. Md.","Surfed on in","great site!!! I sometimes get into Faquier county it's not that far away would love to hook up with you sometime. Email adress is","Submit" "Doug (On the Cheseapeake)","White Marsh, Maryland","Treasure Depot","Great Start, Greg!!! For having just started in this great hobby only a little more than a year ago, You have done great..Terrific finds! Keep 'em coming!!","Submit" "Charles Elliott","Bryan,Texas","Treasure Depot"," Great site,I enjoy looking at what others have found at this great hobby!!! Wish I lived in the east,so I could hunt some really old sites.","Submit" "Steve in Old Virginia","SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS!","Other","Hey Greg, you did a good job with your page. I liked looking at all your relics! Let me tell you...that CS Staff button is one bad button dude! I have yet to dig one! The plates you have look great. Especially the one with the Smith/Brooklyn backmark. They are hard to find at all anymore much less w/backmarks on them! But the one you left the dirt on...that's cool! I wish I hadn't cleaned all my plates as much as I did. The dirt gives it a touch of class...ya know? Whats with the warm weather hunting? Thats when I quit. When October gets here...its like being reborn to me! I can smell the relics in the cool crisp air! See ya in the fields! -Steve","Submit" "Louis Moore","Flint Hill VA","Other","Great finds, keep on hunting and let me know when you update your site.","Submit" "Bob Hayes","Hampton, Va","Treasure Depot","You got some neat relics, maybe we could get together sometime.","Submit" "Kurt","Sterling Virginia","Treasurenet","Greg, Nice finds...hey if you ever need a relic hunting partner, give me a shout.","Submit" "Mark Semerad","Fairfax, VA","A friend","Cool, I've hit this before with NVRHA links. Thanks for posting it on chat Wed. I postmarked it in my browser noe.","Submit" "Joyce Baker","Stoke-on-Trent, UK","Surfed on in","The site is really interesting, but I think your cigarette case was really intended to hold a pack of playing cards - hence the Queen engraved on the top.","Submit" "Jim Dixon","LaFayette, Ga.","Metal Detecting Web Ring","Great site, keep on diggin.","Submit" "graham","saskatoon","Surfed on in","go to to earn money for nothing","Submit" "Mike Perry","Cold Harbor, VA.","Search Engine","Great site.Enjoyed pictures of your finds. I have been hunting Gaines Mill site, Finding plain, flower buttons, about 30 in this field. In another field on the Cold Harbor Rd. I found a Louisiana,New York,Rhode Island staff. Big Civil War show in Richmond this weekend.","Submit" "","Alabama","Surfed on in","pictures are too dark but the text was fine","Submit" "Ronald Trowbridge","Selma, NC","Surfed on in","Very interesting. I enjoyed it.","Submit" "Jim Eldridge","Fountain hills Az.","Surfed on in","I love it, I also am a metal detector here in az.I have been collecting C.W. items for 30 years, I am so jealous of you guys that actually live in the civil War areas. I go out in the mountains in this area, There are several Indian war areas around here. It is so remote that you have to really be careful1.the problem here is that so much of the prime metal detecting sites are on Indian land, & they really frown on any kind of intervention 0n there land. Some day i will get east to that area. The problem is coming to an area & being a stranger, I'm sure it would be very difficult to find any place to detect. I find mostly old shell casings in the mountains. I hopfully will get out on some of the old military trails here. Right now it is about 110* here, so have to wait till it cools off.I f you know of a site where a collector & detector can hunt please let me know....Jim Eldridge.. Thank you","Submit" "","","Surfed on in","","Submit" "","","Surfed on in","","Submit" "Sandie Parks","Greencastle, PA","Search Engine","Very interesting site! I am trying to find out more about a civil war button that i purchased at an estate sale. It is a navy button with anchor, eagle, and 13 stars. The back reads Waterbury button co. Any info...Let me know...Thanks!","Submit" "Brenda Law","Reidsville, North Carolina","Surfed on in","Hello! I was on the internet the other night and that is when I came across your website.You have done a wonderful job. I have been interested in the Civil War for some time now and I read as much as I can about it. I have gone to the Manassas Battlefield several times when I am in the Washington, D.C. area, one of my favorite places. I try to get up there at least several times a year, either to attend a concert or just to look around. It is a pretty long drive for me since I live in North Carolina, but well worth the trip. I see by your website that you love to go relic hunting and you have found so many nice items. You are in a great location to find many things from the past. I haven't found anything yet from the Civil War, but I hope to very soon as I now have a metal detector. Mostly I have been just looking around in antique shops and some of them have Civil War relics especially around the Lynchburg area, where I was born. When I see an old belt buckle from the Civil War in a show case, I wonder about the person who once wore it. Was he an older man or just a young boy. I also wonder did he die instantly or did he suffer on the field for hours or in some cases, days. I just cannot imagine all the horror and suffering that those men went through. If a soldier survived fighting in any given battle (which had to be hard enough) there was always a good chance that next time he would be injured or even killed. If he was hit, well then that is when the real horror began because 9 times out of 10, amputation would be the only solution. And if that wasn't bad enough there was always the threat of being captured by the enemy. Prison had to have been an endless, living nightmare! Places like Andersonville and Libby Prison had the worst reputations, but there were more, many more. Such a shame. Such a shame to treat prisoners the way some officers did. How could some people be so mean? When you go out with your metal detector and find relics, you are finding a piece of history. I was going to be brief, but I love the Civil War,as you can see. I have a new metal detector, not the best, but I am sure it will be a good starter until I can get a really good one. The one I have my eye on is around $1,000.00. Maybe someday. I hopefully can get out some time this week for the first time to try it out. I have never use a metal detector before, so if I get a ""hit"", as the experts call it, I won't be able to stand it!!! Some say if you hit trash don't bother digging, but I will anyway. You never know. I do not live in a area where Civil War relics can be found, but there are coins and jewelry just waiting to be dug up. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as I am new at this. Before I go, I know the people who own the land that I will be hunting on and I have permission. They are very nice people. Warm weather ahead also. I can't wait!!!! Thank you for reading this. Brenda Law","Submit" "rick fletcher","Ringgold Georgia","Surfed on in","I enjoyed it very much,interesting finds,would like to hunt in virginia someday,maybe you could come an hunt in georgia,"" well swap"" [email address] ","Submit" "Patrick Brumfield","Baton Rouge Louisiana","Search Engine","Very nicely documented. Enjoyed each section. I almost took at job at the Fauqier Hospital. My wife is from Fairfax, VA.","Submit" "leslie Sarkany","nova scotia canada","Surfed on in","From the land of the Bluenose....was a joy to ""puruse "" your site.. keep it up. At it here 28 years and still feel the joy each and every outing.","Submit" "Bobby Jackson","Gloster Miss.","Treasurenet","It is very interesting to see someone show their finds. I wish for a buddy like this.","Submit" "Pete","Charlottesville,VA","Search Engine"," - nice site, I see you aren't too far away, I look for coins mostly - email if you are in the area and want to dig something up!","Submit" "Jason Stefano","Indian Trail, North Carolina","Surfed on in","I am very interested in getting started with this as a hobby, but do not know how to get started. Any suggestions for a beginner? (","Submit" "Charles K Hinkle","Greeneville Tn.","Surfed on in","you have a excellent site.. we share a common interest.","Submit" "","denver, co","Search Engine","cool! thankyou! you helped me identify a button I found in VA 20 yrs ago. it has the 13 stars and excelsior on it. I had no idea where this came from. Were they from NY, do you know? cheers... ","Submit" "Rich","Blackstone MA","Surfed on in","I like it.........would love to learn more ","Submit" "Charles Poling","Greensboro,NC","Surfed on in","You have a awesome site and some pretty awesome findings. I live in Greensboro,Nc but I'm originally from West Virginia. I just bought myself a Prizm 3 metal detector and I'm hoping to find some nice stuff. Where abouts in WV do you go metal detecting at?","Submit" "Charles Poling","Greensboro,NC","Surfed on in","Sorry I ment to put my e-mail addy on there. My e-mail is Let me know where abouts in WV you go detecting at. ","Submit" "","","Surfed on in"," ","" "","spotsy va.","Surfed on in","nice collection keep up the hard work thanks","Submit" "Bikash","kathmandu","Surfed on in","Excellent","Submit" "Jerry","Head","Surfed on in","great","Submit" "Eric N. Hanson","ashburn va","Surfed on in","i think you have one of the most interesting sites in virginia. im new to detecting and i wonder how to get sites to hunt","Submit" "Rich","MA","Surfed on in","Good stuff. I enjoyed it.","Submit" "anabolic steroid","","","anabolic steroid buy anabolic steroid 0 purchase anabolic steroid 18 anabolic steroid fact 36 anabolic steroid deca 54 anabolic steroid book 72 com","Submit" "","","","Great site! So visit my site: Tnx! ;)","Submit" "","","","Great site! So visit my site: Tnx! ;)","Submit" "","","","Great site! So visit my site: Tnx! ;)","Submit" "","","","Great site! So visit my site: Tnx! ;)","Submit" "Terry Brown","Waynesboro Pa","Surfed on in","Cool site Needs a chat room? If ya put one in let me no and i'll tell all my hunting buddys. :)","Submit" "steve obannon","bremen,ky","Search Engine","i loved it, i've found some of the stuff you have,but did not know what it was. thanks","Submit" "Vincent","Vincent","1","Nice site! [url=]My homepage[/url] | [url=]Cool site[/url]","Submit" "Adrianna","Adrianna","1","Nice site! My homepage | Please visit","Submit" "Julie","Julie","1","Thank you! |","Submit" "Gary Godby","Bealeton, Virginia","Surfed on in","Nice site! Really great finds. fact, if you ever need a new partner to go out digging with (one of these days), you can email me at I'm kinda' new to the relic hunting hobby, but I'm hooked for sure! I now have a White's DFX, Minelab Explorer XS, and a Whites 6000 DI PRO. Best Regards, Gary Godby","Submit" "","","Other","buy meridia [URL=]buy meridia[/URL] [URL][/URL]","Submit" "","","","","" "","","","","" "","","","","" "","","","","" "","","","","" "","","","","" "","","","","" "","","","","" "","","","","" "","","","","" "","","","","" "","","","","" "","","","","" "","","","","" "","","","","" "","","","","" "","","","","" "","","","","" "","","","","" "","","","","" "","","","","" "","","","","" "","","","","" "","","","","" "","","","","" "","","","","" "","","","","" "","","","","" "","","","","" "","","","","" "","","","","" "","","","","" "","","","","" "","","","","" "","","","","" "","","","","" "Lee Kern","Richmond,Va","Search Engine","I like that your finds are from virginia,as are mine.","Submit" "Adam","London","Search Engine","

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","Submit" "Kathy","Canada","Surfed on in","I think your site is awsome! Great job. Good luck I hope you find something that will make you very famous!","Submit" "Craig ","UK","Search Engine","Great finds you have there! Check out my site at","Submit" "Dan Frezza","Wilmington NC","Surfed on in","Nice stuff for begining! Send me an email I want to talk about your Marine button.","Submit" "qowp huokgfv","tcyub","","aofkwgcqv nmkj oqjywbd xfnpaseg gzwubxpj ejnhqircb wakporm","Submit" "andy","scotland","Surfed on in","real good","Submit" "andy","scotland","Surfed on in","real good","Submit" "Rick Best","Laurinburg, NC","Surfed on in","Great and very informative. 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