Miscellaneous Finds

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                 I'm not sure but I think this was a cigarette case. What ever it is, it has some really nice engraving.          

                                                                          Cigarettecase.JPG (402837 bytes)

                 I found this once silver plated cross in September of 1999 on the beaches in Nags Head, NC.                                                                           cross.jpg (34862 bytes)

I dug this gold plated mans wedding ring in a field at the site of a Union Cavalry camp. I don't think it's from the Civil War but it's still a nice find. When I first saw it, I just saw the edge and thought I'd found a gold coin.                                                                             

                                                                         goldring.jpg (101174 bytes)

         Here's a twisted wire ring I found not far from the gold ring above. I really like those personal items.  

                                                                         wirering.jpg (25708 bytes)

                 A Slaymaker US Army padlock produced in the early 1900's. Shown before and after electrolysis.

                                                            padlock1.jpg (142197 bytes)  padlock2.jpg (92958 bytes)

       I didn't know what this was for quite some time. I finally found out that it is a leg band for a racing pigeon.

                                                                         au91cap.jpg (13119 bytes)

                                       Part of a music stand. Found at a Girls School that dates to 1789.

                                                                         Musicstand.JPG (102764 bytes)

    A lead Hem or Dress weight. Sewn into the hem of a woman's dress. These are commonly found at old house sites.

                                                                          HemWeight.JPG (47627 bytes)

                 The front and back of the wreath portion of a two piece sash buckle. Probably from the early 1800's

                                                          wreath.jpg (78627 bytes)    Wreathback1.JPG (72142 bytes)

         A pretty big hunk of folded lead. It was folded twice and an iron nail was driven through it and bent over.

                                                                         FoldedLead.JPG (53734 bytes)

                                        A wood handled pocket knife and pen knife with a cast handle.

                                                                         knives.jpg (72034 bytes)

                                                       A few utensils. Some were silver plated.

                                                                         utensels.jpg (188515 bytes)

                                       Colonial Buckles found at a Civil War site in Fauquier County, Va.

                                                         ColonialBuckles.JPG (51266 bytes)    ColonialBuckle.JPG (42691 bytes)     

      Half of a Colonial shoe buckle and a brass skeleton key. Found at the same site as the above buckles.

                                                                       key.jpg (60754 bytes)


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