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I've dug lots  of coins. Unfortunately most of them were of dates commonly found in one's pocket. I have managed to dig up a few decent coins.  Nothing spectacular mind you but interesting none the less. My thanks to Treasurenet for the cool background.

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The oldest coin I've found. An 1819 Large Cent. It was about 6" deep and registered as a quarter on my meter. It was dug at a Civil War site.                                                                       

                                                                         1819LargeCent1.JPG (115934 bytes)    

                  Five Indian Head Pennies. They were found at  various sites in Northern Virginia.                           

                                                                          5indians.jpg (117101 bytes)

       Here are some of the silver coins I've found. The 1842 Seated Dime was found on the beach in North                  Carolina. The rest were found at the sites I hunt here in Virginia.                                                                                         

                                                 Silvercoins.JPG (266819 bytes) 1842dime.jpg (88698 bytes)  1858HalfDime.JPG (154893 bytes)

                            The front and back of a 1911 Liberty Nickel and a 1916 Buffalo Nickel.  

                                                             nickels.jpg (68974 bytes) Nickelsbk.JPG (65558 bytes)

This is a U.S. Grant Presidential coin I found at a Confederate field hospital. It was obviously discarded by some self respecting southern child. It appears to have come with some kind of candy 

                                                             .USGrantCoin.JPG (130657 bytes) USGrantCoinbk.JPG (161285 bytes)

Although it didn't scan well, here's my only "key date" coin. A 1909 VDB Wheat Penny. Sure wish it were the S mint mark. That would have made this worth a couple hundred dollars. Oh well,...maybe next time.

                                                                            1909vdb.jpg (54957 bytes)

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