My Buttons Page

I've found a few buttons since I started detecting last year. They are mostly "flat" or "coin" buttons but  occasionally a two piece does turn up at the end of my shovel.

                    Here are a few buttons I found in my first months of detecting.

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I hunted hard and made some decent finds but the closest I could come to a Civil War button was the back and rim of a 3 piece button missing it's face. I can't read it's backmark but it was dug at a site where maps show Union troops camped during August of 1863.

                                                                          backmark.jpg (64352 bytes)

A two piece button with "Extra Fein" backmark. It has a push on it's fact but is still a nice button.

                                                                          ExtraFeinButton.JPG (32383 bytes)

                                A flat button with "Double Gilt" backmark.

                                                                           DoubleGilt.JPG (63139 bytes)                                                


Here's a 2 piece Navy button with a Waterbury Button Co. backmark I dug at a productive site I hunt. It is vest size and it's face is identical to Albert's NA 116v. I'm still not completely certain but backmark information I have accessed leads me to believe this is from the 1870's.

                                                                          Navybutton.JPG (76357 bytes)

A coat size Marine Corps Button I dug in Calverton, Va. This is the first button I ever found. It is identical to Albert's MC 11 except it is not hard rubber. This button has a heavily rusted iron back and no shank. No backmark could be found. I believe this is possibly from the very late 1800's or most likely the early 1900's. Then again, I'm still a beginner,..what do I know?                                                              

                                                                          VaDugButton.JPG (100922 bytes)


I thought I'd finally broken my Civil War button drought when I unearthed this two piece Eagle button. It has a Horstman/Phila back mark. Although the backmark   is different from those listed, it is identical to Albert's GI 98. It was used from 1875-1902. It was attached to the soldier's coat with a small piece of wire which is still attached to the shank.

                                                                           EagleButton1.JPG (110781 bytes)

Days after digging the Eagle button above, I dug this button back. It has a CW period backmark of  Scovill Mfg./Waterbury. It's in perfect condition and should have had it's face attached giving me my first Civil War button. It  still has thread attached to the shank. Go figure...

                                                                           00Buttonbk.JPG (42441 bytes)

I hit a new spot on March 30th of 2000. I dug a nicely gilted "flower" button. It has a backmark but I can't read it. Other than a push on the face, it's a pretty nice button. Along with this button, I dug a flat button, cartridge box finial and my second US Boxplate.

                                                                           33000Button.JPG (72054 bytes)

It was 5 days until my next hunt. I was still pretty excited about finding a nice flower button and my second US plate on my last hunt. I started hunting an area near where I had found the relics on my last trip and had been hunting about 15 minutes when I got a good signal. I dug the hole and to my surprise I had dug my 3rd US Boxplate. My second in two trips! I didn't think that could be topped. Well again to my surprise, I filled the hole and took 3 steps and got another signal. After a little digging I unearthed this little beauty from a depth of about 8 inches. It's Albert's CS-7. Confederate Staff Officer's button with W.Dowler/Superior Quality backmark. Worth upwards of $400. It's priceless to me. It's my first Civil War button and may very well end up being the best I ever dig.

                                               CSStaffbutton!.JPG (95433 bytes)    csbutton.jpg (87066 bytes)


Spent a couple of hours digging on May 15th and dug my second Civil War button. This is a Zouave button. It is also commonly known as a "ball button" or   "bullet button"

                                                              ZouaveButton.JPG (86301 bytes)

An hour hunt on May 20th turned up this face to a New York 3 piece staff button. It's pretty beat up and is missing the back and rim but it's still a New York button. It shows the New York state seal surrounded by 13 stars with the motto "Excelsior" below. I guess if all I can find is a piece of a button,...this is the piece I want to find.

                                                                   NewYorkButton1.JPG (61138 bytes)

Searching the same location where I found the above New York button, I unearthed the face and back to another one. I found the face first, walked about 10 feet and found the back. Due to it's condition, I believe that the plow must have seperated the button with in the last couple of years. The back has a Steele & Johnson backmark.

                                                                          nybutton.jpg (137916 bytes)

I finally found my first Civil War era General Service Eagle button. I didn't dig it, I eyeballed it while stooped over a hole digging a .44 caliber Barthelow pistol bullet. It's really butt ugly but it's still my first Eagle button.

                                                            GSEaglebutton.JPG (80335 bytes)

Buttons found during the month of November, 2000. Shown are two cuff flat buttons, a button back, 3 General Service Eagle buttons, a District of Columbia Fire Department button and an Eagle "R".

                                                                          NovButtons.JPG (95319 bytes)

    Here is a close up of the Eagle "R". It was found encased by the roots of a corn plant.

                                                                         eagler.jpg (36039 bytes)

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