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All Girl BandTERAMI HIRSCH: introvert with a microphone

Wow! When I created this site way back (going on three years now), Terami had just released All Girl Band. With two other projects currently under her belt and a fourth album on the way, it kind of boggles my mind how much has changed.

Terami's one of my favorite artists. She's an LA based singer-songwriter who reminds me of my all time favorite, Tori Amos. Besides making beautiful piano music, she's just a damn nice person. I've met her several times at shows, but now that I don't live in LA anymore, I never get to see her play! But I continue to buy her records and love to support her growing career.


This site is not official. All the images are provided courtesy of Terami.com.



On August 12, 2003, Undiscovered Gems, a compilation CD licensed by Virt Records, will hit music stores throughout the US. Terami's song The Breathing is track 8 on this 10 song disc.

The Breathing has been re-mixed and re-mastered for this release from it's original album version. Other artists included on the compilation are Gramophone, Alice Marie, Outloud Dreamer, Beth Boucher, Andrea Klas, Cameron Dezen, Trespassers William, Greta Gertler, and Monica Schroeder.

For more information: www.virtrecords.com