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Gary J. Galasso

Morrow, Louisiana


Last Updated 6 June 2011

This page serves as prologue to my resume. It provides a brief background and points out abilities I have that can benefit and enhance any organization.

I am seeking a position that can utilize my analytical, computer, C4ISR expertise, or management skills. Position titles include, but are not limited to: Management Information officer (MIS), Information Management Officer (IMO), Software Functional Analyst, Software Application Tutor, Internet Tutor, Information Gatherer, Quality Assurance Analyst, Quality Assurance Agent, Systems Analyst, Computer Specialist, Telecommunications Manager, and Designer of basic WEB Sites.

I have held high tech positions both as a manager, C4ISR expert, and as a worker. I am an expert in use of the MS suite of Office products (e.g. Word, Excel, Power Point, and Access 97,2003, and 2007), MS Expressions, MS Front Page 98, Internet Browsers (Netscape and MS Explorer) along with other standard software applications. I also have used or am familiar with software development software such as Dreamweaver, Cadre Teamwork, StateMate, IBM UML Designer, and Rational Rose. Both supervisors and co-workers have sought me out for my analytical abilities as well as  a hardware, operating system, software application, and Internet problem fixer and tutor. My ability to provide computer hardware/software and Internet assistance and trouble-shooting in a clear non-"geek" language can greatly enhance an employer’s bottom line. Examples of my proficiency in WEB development can be viewed at: and

My family and I moved from the Washington, D.C., area and have settled in Morrow, Louisiana. Prior to this relocation I held positions in the U.S. Army and with industry. In the Army I served as a communications officer and C4ISR expert for 20 years, retiring as a major. After my military service I worked for 5- years in high tech industry as a senior software functional analyst and quality assurance agent for a company developing software for both the National Guard and the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  I operated a WEB Design and hosting and on-site tech support service called "The Byte Shop", which will cease operations in Dec 06. Additionally, I serve as PR for the local Knights of Columbus and American Legion, publishing and editing the Knights monthly newsletter and web site. I also serve as the community  PC hardware, software and Internet guru.

During my career in the U.S. Army Signal Corps I developed, managed and maintained communications, computer, and communication security systems at all levels, from the individual soldier in the field up through the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) and other Department of Defense activities throughout the world. My C4ISR (Command, Control, Communication, Computer, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) expertise was continually sought out and relied upon when unusual situations arose. 

As a software functional analyst I interpreted and clarified customer requirements using process diagrams and Use Case analysis to guide programmer development of software applications. Additionally, I tested and provided quality assurance for a high profile JCS software project, ensuring its many parts met customer expectations.

As owner/operator of "The Byte Shop" ( operations 1 March 2001 through 31 December 2006) it was my endeavor to offer businesses, organizations, and individuals a low cost solution to attaining a presence on the Internet. I also strive to provide this same client base on-site tech support in using software applications and operating systems.

One of my customers was a local Parish's (County) Library system. I provided software support to the main branch and all of its sub branches. I installed and trained staff personnel in the use of virus protection software. I also installed upgrades to application software and replaced defective hardware. Additionally, I provided the Library Staff assistance in using operating systems (Windows Vista, XP, NT, 98, and 95), the Internet, and use of software applications (e.g. MS Office).

Other customers included individual residents and nearby churches. In case of the churches  I installed network cabling, network interface cards and a hubs. I also helped other customers in their homes, who have limited computer knowledge, in rectifying problems with software, operating systems, and Internet access.

While rural Louisiana is physically distant to major work centers, this distance diminishes when the Internet is used. I do not wish to relocate from Central Louisiana. While I am open to positions requiring distant on-site work on a temporary basis (e.g. no more than  2 - 3 weeks on a client's site), I would prefer a position within Central Louisiana or one that affords the ability to telecommunicate. Cities and towns in Louisiana that are commutable from Morrow include; Opelousas, Ville Platte, Cottonport, Marksville, Bunkie, Lafayette and Alexandria. 

I am also open to positions in Baton Rouge if I can work 4 ten-hour days per week, or if one day per week can be a telecommute day.

I am grateful to you for reading this introduction and invite you to continue and investigate further by reviewing my resume.

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Site last updated: 6 June 2011