Captain Future/Capitaine Flam

Space Ships

This is the Future Comet (Cyberlab) of Popy, the metal version. It has X-wings, a number of missiles to blast the galaxy away, and a silver engine compartment that can be removed from the front cockpit.
The big version of the Cosmoliner, from Popy. It came with the 3 heroes (articulated Crag, Flam and stiff Mala) that could be bought separately. It has, like its little brother, directional thrusters and opening cockpit.
This is the small version (metal). The box pictured here is the Japanese one, but other boxes are known for the French/German version. It has a small Captn Future included, which is jointed and can actually sit at the commands.
Generic little knock-off made in China : this COMET glider is made from polystyrene and comes in a little bag, ready to assemble. The same maker made similar gliders of the Gatchaman Godphenix and Kipo's ship.
This Comet is a resin kit made in Japan by BCJ. It is the only toy representing the original (non-anime) version of Hamilton's Flam's ship, as seen on the original novel covers.
This is the plastic COMET/Cyberlabe. It is about twice the size of the metal one and comes with little figurines of the crew that can be installed in the cockpit. It was available in two types of boxes - Japanese (Popy) and English (Mattel). The toys had differences in the colors and the number of missiles. Here a Japanese BLUE-winged example. Note the metalized color and the greyish stickers between the segments.
Here you see the English - Mattel version. The cockpit is white - the wings are black - and it has red stickers between the segments.  It also came with (only) 4 black missiles. (click on picture for more details)
This is the Popy Japanese box with the silver body - but BLACK wings and red stickers between the segments. The Japanese version came with 6 BLUE missiles ! (click on picture for more details)