Captain Future/Capitaine Flam - Where do I find what I am looking for ???



Ok ! now you know what's out there ! How to find the stuff ? Well, that's up to you. Just to let you know : it takes a lot of time !!! (and a lot of $$$, especially for the old toys !). The internet made things easier, especially thanks to online auctions.

Check out Ebay : under "Captain Future"

For France : under "Capitaine Flam" (bien sur !) but also    under the same name

For Italy : under "Capitan Futuro" and

For Germany (Captain Future was very popular over there as well !) check : and under "Captain Future"   

Beware though ! Some sellers don't agree on international transactions. Check it out first. (and a little nice e-mail to them explaining who you are and how MUCH you would like to have the toy certainly helps !)

Other links : (some of them are quite old and not active anymore. I will fix that soon !) (French store specialized on toys - have some Harlock stuff !) (Another French store - has lots and lots of toys - be sure to check them out !) (these guys are friends from Belgium, you really should give them a call if you want to find some of the toys ; their service is splendid and merchandise great !)

For all your other toys needs and wants - please check my other pages on the web as well. I am building toy-pages on Harlock, Goldrake and Gatchaman (under construction)




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