Captain Future/Capitaine Flam Figurines



Japanese vinyl set of our heroes, made by Popy. Blistercarded, it has figurines of Flam, Crag, Mala and Simon.

Rubber (flexi) figurine of Captain Flam.

And girlfriend Johan ! The same figurines appeared blister-packed as well! Popy.
Here is the POPY version of the Action Figurine. It is all plastic, wrong color (why blue ? Some strange space disease ?). The cool thing, is you can look through his chest-lens and see the world in green. It is really a multi-color experience for every fan ! As you see, our Capt'n came with two guns that could really shoot these fluogreen and red laserbeams. This one is made in Singapore, but there is a rarer Japanese version. (thanks, Seb !)
This is the Mattel box with the three heroes : Flam, Mala and Crag. The same figurines are found in the Plastic Cosmolem set. Another box (rarer) was produced with an extra figurine of professor Simon Wright.
Mattel, BIG JIM-style Flam. It has real clothes, and two guns linked to his belt by plastic lines. As all Big-Jims, he has the kung-fu grip and buttons on his back to action the arms.
From Mattel as well, this is their metal version of the Flam figurine. The color is more respectfull of the serie than the "blue" Popy, but the sculpt of his body makes him look more like a Shogun Warrior than a full-flesh hero. He shoots his hands off, just like Grandizer, and comes in an Italian-style box. (no other language-packaging was used, to my knowledge, but I could be wrong on this)

From Mattel, this is the metal (Italian) Grag. It has an English-(Italian) box, his little dog and non-shooting guns (the shooting gun - version was taken off the Italian market after more severe Children's-Safety regulations passed - the springs in the guns were believed to be an injury factor for children's eyes) Please check the differences with the japanese version, seen below. How to recognize one ? The Italian version came with only 2 hands, and the gun/projectile glued to one of them.

Here the Popy, Japanese version. As you can see, the box contains 4 hands, a separate gun, and a missile baggy ! (click on pic. to see details of the box)

This PVC Flam is made by Schleich, the same makers as the Smurfs figurines.

This is Otto (Mala) in the same set.

Poland made a number of bootlegs on the Scleich figurines. These Polish toys had a different color scheme and a little less details than the original Schleich versions. Here Flam.

And Grag - note the black color (the original was silverish)

Johan got herself a nice bordeau uniform !

Ken something more greenish !

And Otto turned out blue !
Simon Wright - deceased scientist kept alive for world peace and direct adviser of Captn. Future. This  toy, produced by Popy, here in the French box, is one of the coolest around ! You can insert batteries and Simon's brains start blinking around ! Spooky ! It boast as well 2 missiles in the mouth-piece (weird - never seen him shooting in the cartoons) and flexible "Eye" units with little gemstones at the ends.
German-Italian Popy box for the same toy. Note the color difference in the cables attaching the eyes and the back : they are red here. Weirdly enough, the color is NOT a sure sign whether the toy is French or German-Italian, since both color-schemes appeared in both packagings. The red-eyed one is believed to be the first, but also most common, with the blue-eyed being rarer. Simon Wright is a rare toy, as I understood that it was never available in Japan (thanks, Seb !), so my first thoughts about this being a Japanese version were wrong.

In the same serie as their Grandizer Actarus and Alcor dolls, and on the same figurine-base, Ceji produced this version of Captain Future. Very rare ! It was sold with plastic breastplate and two lazers. Like the Grandizer dolls, it has two buttons on the back to activate the arms. And like the Grandizer dolls, the joints break like crystal !