Captain Future/Capitaine Flam - The other stuff


This Electronic game appeared on the Italian and German market. It has cool graphics of Captain Future (Futuro). Does anyone have more info about this toy ?
Quartett card-game made in Germany.
Capitaine Flam button. Licensed - Canada.
This gun has Captain Future and Simon Wright drawings. it did come in a generic box, though, so I don't think it is licensed (bye, bye, royalties !). Made in Taiwan.
This MB game is EXACTLY the same as the MB "Battle of the Planets" game, only the graphics are different. Lazy, Lazy, Lazy ... (and it is boring to play, so we both loose !)
Italian Carnaval costume. (Yeap, Carnaval - you guys in the US have Halloween, but the rest of the world - from Venice to Rio - go bezerk at another time of the year !) A&M Casarini - Licensed. (Toei - Rai 1980)
German game from ASS, based on a card-deck and a Galaxy-board. Your chance to conquer the planets, like the German title asks you to do. Not really in line with the original story-board, is it ? (Captain Future is supposed to SAVE planets, not conquer them !)