Enlisted Dress
Parachute Oval

OD Cushion Sole Wool Socks
Wool or Cotton Underwear
Wool or Cotton Undershirt
M1937 Enlisted Man's OD Wool Flannel Shirt
M1937 Wool Trousers w/ M1937 Web Belt
Khaki Mohair Tie
M1939 Four Pocket Wool Service Coat
M1941 Paratrooper Boots (Polished to a High Sheen)
Enlisted Man's OD Wool Service Cap
Overseas Wool `Garrison' Cap w/ FSSF (Red, White & Blue) Piping
Enlisted Man's Crossed Arrows Collar Disk
Enlisted Man's US or Canada Collar Disk
FSSF (Red, White & Blue) Shoulder Cord
FSSF (Red, White & Blue) Parachute Oval
Parachutist's Qualification Badge, `Jump Wings'
FSSF Shoulder Insignia

EM's Canada DiskEM's Collar Disk
Canada/U.S. & Crossed Arrows Disks

FSSF (Red, White & Blue) Shoulder Cord

Overseas Cap with FSSF (Red, White & Blue) Piping

Origins of FSSF Collar Insignia:
Indian Scouts "U.S.S." and "Crossed Arrows"