Advanced Field Kit
The Advanced Field Kit consists of everything in the Basic Field Kit, with a few additions and substitutions:

Mountain Trousers (A MUST for a complete  Force impression)
Mountain Trouser Suspenders
OD Cushion Sole Wool Socks
Cotton or Wool Drawers
Cotton or Wool Undershirt
Arctic Jacket
Snow Camo Trousers
Reversible Ski Parka, 1st or 2nd Pattern
Leather Palm OD Wool Gloves
Wool Trigger Finger Mittens w/ Inserts
M1941 OD Wool Knit Toque
M2 Paratrooper Helmet, Complete, w/ Camo Net and Neoprene Band
M1918 Mounted Cartridge Belt (9-Pocket)
Framed Rucksack w/ Snow Camo Cover
Arctic Overshoes
Shelter Half with Pole, Rope, and Pegs

Not required, but suggested for Complete Force Kit:
A-2 Leather Flight Jacket
HBT Coveralls
Mountain Cookset
M1941 or M1942 1-Burner Stove
Yukon Packboard with Lashing Rope
Lightweight Service Gas Mask
M1910 Entrenching Pickmattock w/ Carrier
TL-122 Flashlight
Watch Compass
M2 Lensatic Compass w/ Carrier
Mountain Tent w/ Poles, Ropes, and Pegs
Mountain Sleeping Bag

Personal Items:
K & D Ration Boxes
Sewing Kit
Invasion Currency
Waterproof Matchbox
OD or Black Cigarette Lighter
Toilet Articles