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Scale Rally

We held our annual Scale rally August 3rd and 4th.    Friday afternoon members gathered to set all in order for the spectators and pilots that were expected to attend.   In addition to setting up the registration area, and food tent, the flight line had to be prepared.   The sound system had to be put up, and checked, the parking lot set up to handle spectator's cars,  fliers cars,  and room had to be made for all of the over night campers that were expected. 


Preparing the registration area

Food tent being setup

West end of pilots area getting set up.

It's amazing how much we get into this baby.

Putting up more shelters

The weather forecast called for sunny and warm for both days of our event.   It was certainly warm, at 8am it was already in the upper 70's.  Saturday was very clear, with fairly low humidity, and just a light breeze blowing right down the runway.   Perfect for flying!

 After flying on Saturday, the Knights hosted a dinner for the pilots and their guests.  Eighty or so guests were served dogs, burgers, pasta, and an assortment of side dishes and desserts, there was some food left over, so I assume nobody went home hungry.     

After dinner, a number of the camping pilots brought out park fliers, and for a while the whisper of small electric motors could be faintly heard.  The most popular seemed to be the gws Tiger Moth.   After dark we were treated to some fancy night flying with a Seniorita decked out in hundreds of small bulbs, groups of which could be turned on and off from the transmitter.    

All of this was followed up by a pleasant campfire with dozens of friendly folk passing snacks and beverages.

Sunday broke upon the field sparkling clear, and hot hot hot, with a 10 to 15mph breeze, but again blowing down the runway.  The breeze made the sun and temperature quite bearable, and many flights were made right up til closing time!     Aside from all the sunburns, we had another successful weekend.   We were able to make some money to fund more projects such as our new shelter in North Collins, and once again a portion of our proceeds will be going to Camp Good Days,  a great organization for  sick children.

Just a portion of the radio impound

All four flight stations were busy most of the time on both days

Spectators examining aircraft during the noon break

This little guy was helping his father all day long.  Can hardly see him behind that plane!

There he is!

Just waiting for dad to finish

There were many fine scale aircraft from all eras present

A very nicely detailed steaman

A fine example of the scale aircraft present.  :-)

A show like ours could never happen without a lot of hard work from the members and their wives, some of whom work all weekend long in the food tent.  But special thanks go out to all the pilots that show up and put on a spectacular airshow for our spectators.   Indeed there would be NO show without them.   Thanks!