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McKinley Mall Show



On March 9-11Th we had our annual mall show at the McKinley mall. Thursday evening we all showed up to set up the tables and covers that the mall supplied. In past years we had to borrow tables from a local church to supplement the clubs tables, itís not a whole lot of fun carting 30 tables all over the country side. Having tables supplied by the mall makes setup almost too easy.

Thirty one planes were brought in for display, ranging from small electrics to a rather large Gee Bee. There were plenty of activities for the mall patrons too! On Saturday and Sunday penny planes were built from foam egg crate tops, and delta darts were constructed by young mall walkers, with the aid of several Knights members.

In addition Real Flight G2 was available for all to try their hand at RC flying. Or you could watch one of the clubs many videos while keeping an eye on Ron Partacz as he constructed his new park flyer a Fundango. Many people stopped by the table to buy raffle tickets for the plane that we are giving away at our Scale Rally in August.

Judging from comments, it would appear that the latest mall show was very successful!

Waiting to start setting up the show




Filling up the tables





Building delta darts

Lots of penny planes were made!     



Some young RCers?

Ron building his Fundango        



Les Hanks helping with construction

Looking down the line              



B29 being built by Bob Rodgers

Orv Chatwood finished his pitts after years of dust collecting.   Bob Rodgers GeeBee in the back.