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Flying Knights Auction 2002

This years auction was held on September 28th at a new location.   We moved down the street a bit to 1st Presbyterian Church of West Seneca, at 2085 Union Road.

It was a little bit smaller than the other site, but the sound qualities more than made up for the tighter quarters. 

This years auction seemed to have more good stuff than some previous auctions, and many good deals were had!

Above we have our check in crew taking money and registering those wishing to sell items.  From left to right we have Harvey Reed, Jim Landes and Jim Pravel.  Around the corner from them we had our raffle man, Bob Waldraff (below) Our hard working kitchen crew, President Ron Wojcik, and Matt Partacz.


Bob Rodgers inspecting some of the goodies (above)
Our very own Tom "Flipper" Filipiak, did  a superb job as our auctioneer, he does so well that despite the exorbitant fee he charges (nothing) we have decided to let him do it again next year! 

Great job Tom!