When quality doesn't matter.

You just opened your brand new pup-tent, your tingling with excitement. You attempt to insert the poles into their proper slot, but decline to do so. Because your brand new Wenzel 1887 pup-tent sucks. You curse loudly as you bend the poles attempting to pressure them into there slots, failing every time. then you finally begin to realize that you've wased time and mone on your cheap Wenzel product, and that you have been victomized by their evil scam.

That really sucks doesn't it? Thousands of people across America have experienced the W.R.S. (Wenzel Really Sucks) problem. If your one of those poor people who has been sucked in to the Wenzel scam, I feel bad for you.

Wenzel was started in December 1887. Their goal was to make people think that they were getting a good deal until they opened up the product they had bought and tried to use it. The scam left hudreds of people Light of wallet. Wenzel became a very profitable business since people in different states couldn't warn each other not to buy Wenzel products because communicating across long distances was hard in the 1880's. But now the evil scam by Wenzel is rapidly decreasing, since people are warning loved ones and friends aboutW.R.S. with the aid of modern telephones and E-Mail.

This article was written as a warning to those who don't know about W.R.S.

Remember: If it says Wenzel, don't buy it!

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