The evil behind America's most popular franchise

McDonald's has long been one of the most popular franchises in America. What many people don't know though is that McDonald's is all an upper case Snow Job. McDonald's was founded in 1934, when Fenton McDonald, notorious snake-oil artist, was released from prison after he had allegedly hoodwinked the elderly into purchasing false teeth, which he had actually removed from dead monkeys. Soon after Fenton was released from prison he founded a new chain of humbugs. He bought an old Grocery Store in Bayport N.Y., and re-named it "McDonald's". After going clean in this business for about a month, Fenton's lust for money drove hime back into funny business.

He opened up a small restaurant in the corner of his grocery store, and hung expensive looking toys from the ceiling, and taped posters in the windows showing children playing with even more expensive toys. His scam was to lure small children to the restaurant, and with children comes parents with money. His skin-game worked to perfection. Fenton soon opened another McDonald's restaurant in another section of Bayport, and then another in nearby New York city. After opening his restaurant, Fenton was diagnosed with lung cancer, and died a week later. The Business was left to his two sons', Frank and Joe McDonald. Both boys had been well trained in quackery, and carried on their fathers deceitful profession with renowned greed.

The two brothers expanded the McDonald's snow-job, which for some reason was never exposed. It was so cunningly planned that no one ever suspected window-dressing. Then it happened. The brothers began quarreling between each other over who got more money, and the scam began a rapid decent. On November 7th, 1935, Joseph L. McDonald was assassinated. He had been enjoying a Banana Split Gang television program, when he was shot in the back of the head with a high-powered rifle. The killer was never found, although authorities arrested Frank McDonald on a false lead. He was soon released though for there was no solid evidence linking him to the assassination. Frank soon had the scheming franchise running full-blow again.

Frank continued the McDonald's scam on his own, until he married Callie Shaw in 1938. Callie suggested that they lower the quality of the food they served so they could make more profit. Even though the food was vulgar, millions continued to eat at McDonald's. Frank McDonald made billions of dollars off of his fathers shrewd caper. Frank retired at the early age of thirty-five, with over five billion dollars in his name. He left the deceitful racket to his son Russel McDonald. Russel added a new twist to the scandel in 1945, he actually gave toys out in each meal that McDonald's served. He had the toys manufactured for mere pennies in Chinese sweat-shops, and then he jacked the prices up on McDonald's food, which more then paid for the crude toys. This ingenious addition gave Russell's profits a significant boost.

This is the truth behind the McDonald's scam, which is now being ran by Russel and his son Billy Billy. Russel himself is still in good health, and resides in a Spanish Mansion in Mexico. Nobody knows when the evil scam by McDonald's will end, it may never. People today seem to get pleasure from being ripped-off, and that may be why it's still running hot.

Consumer Alert by Gregory Schauble

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