Most of our Consumer Alert columns are ment to warn and protect you the consumer before you waste your time and money. But in this case we have made an exception. We, this time would like to inform you of a product which out performs it's self. The product Being none other then Lipton Soup Secrets. We may in one of our later tests explain in full detail what makes Lipton Soup Secret's taste so good. but for today we are posting these helpful hints on how to eat Lipton Soup.

The art of eating Lipton soup.

Step 1.
Stroll to your Lipton Noodle Soup Secret storing place and choose the packet right for you (you should always feep at least twenty boxes on hand).
Step 2.
Now stroll on over to your Microwave (should you choose so) and make a small slit on the box top right below the eaves (this should open it with sure ease).
Step 3.
Take extra care while opening the top (you don't wan't it to tear). Gently lift out both packet's lay them on the counter. Get a microwave safe bowl and lay it next to you on your left side, for you should have your packets both on your right.
Step 4.
Pour the soup mix out of both packets into the bowl, make sure to get it all, you wouldn't want to miss any. Now add as much water as you think necessary to create a broth.
Step 5.
Put the bowl into the microwave and cook for seven minutes. When done, take it out and stir with a fork untill the morsels af spice have dissipated. Let it cool untill you think it won't burn you.
Step 6.
Find a luxurius place to sit, once found let the fumes catch your nose. Cross your legs, lay back your head, and hold the bowl arms length away, slowly pulling it back to your nose.
Step 7.
Induldge into the wonderful, life filling broth. Let the fumes change your life. Isn't it beautiful?
Step 8.
once you reach the noodles, find a straw. Place the straw into the bowl and suck. The noodles should flow up the straw and sting your throat.
Last step.
once you've devoured the noodles, lick the bowl clean with your tongue.

Written by: Gregory Schauble, Proud Lipton Soup eater.
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