Congratulations on your purchase of a Magna Bicycle!

Thank you for becoming a Magna Bicycle owner!. Properly taken care of, your Magna Bicycle will provide 5 minutes of cycling enjoyment. Remember to always wear a Helmet, especially when riding a Magna Bicycle. And never ride at night.

You purchased a Magna Trail Burner, here are the list of components your bicycle is equipped with.

Shimano GE Sidepulls.
Magna 7000 series Lead-Alloy.
Magna's Super Plastic Series.
Magna Racing Paper Series Wheels.
Front Derailleur:
Shimano SIS 2 speed.
Rear Derailleur:
Shimano SIS 6 speed.
Magna Lead-Alloy Racing Handlebars.
Zoom X-treme, 5 mm of travel.
Magna's Cardboard Series saddle.
Sweat-Shop Elite Plastic.

We hope that your Bicycle brings you many seconds of riding pleasure. If you have any questions or suggestions for us, please keep them to yourself.

Sincerly, (Name not given), president, Magna Bicycles.

We copied this paper from a set of instructions that was included with a Magna brand bicycle to show are readers. We purchased the Magna bicycle to do a test on it's quality, and were not surprised to find that it performed badly. We paid $60 for the bicycle. To make a long story short, Magna bicycles Suck!!!!!

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