BC Yo-Yo

When Good Yo Yo's Go Bad.

"Oh!, daddy!, thank you soooo much!, my very very own Yo Yo!!!" four year old Chuckie Audern cried, hugging his father, Bill Audern. "Well, I'm sure glad to see you enjoy so much Chuckie," said Bill, " I had a BC Yo Yo at your age, and it served me well." "Daddy," Chuckie asked, "Can you open it fer me?." "Sure son, hand it over." Bill began working on opening the Yo-Yo box.

"Goodness, I declare, this box just don't want to open," Bill said, anger creeping into his voice,"Chuckie, fetch me them scissors in the kitchen drawer." "Yes daddy" Chuckie said, hurrying to the kitchen. He soon came back, and handed the scissors to his father. "Blast, I'll be danged if this don't want to open!," Bill vociferated loudly, cussing under his breathe, "We'll have to use the saw in the basement." They were soon in the basement preparing the saw. After a few heated minutes, the poorly designed box was opened. "Let's take this baby upstairs and I'll show you some tricks," Bill said, excitement in his voice. Bill and Chuckie ran up the stairs and into the warmly furnished living room, which had a freshly decorated Christmas Tree in it's middle.

"The first trick you'll need to perfect is a Sleeper," Bill told his son, "Now it's not to hard with a BC Yo Yo, it took me only a few minutes of practice to get it down." "Sure daddy," Chuckie said, eagerly awaiting his father's demonstration, "Show me!." "Okay, ready?," Bill gave his wrist a gentle but swift flick towered the ground, "Well all be, this Yo Yo's string broke." Sure enough, the string had snapped. "Just a minute Chuckie, let me fetch a few old spares I've got upstairs," Bill said.

After Bill had replaced the cheap string with a durable cotton string, he resumed his demonstration. Again he flicked his wrist, but the Yo Yo failed to sleep. "Darn, this Yo Yo just don't work, I can't believe it, me and the fellows used to always buy BC Yo Yo's at the neighborhood drug-store, and they worked like a dandy," Bill cursed the crude Yo-Yo with angry hand gestures and foul language, "I'm just amazed." "Daddy?" chuckie asked, a tear running down his face "does my Yo-Yo suck?." "Yes son," Bill said wrapping a arm around his son, "I'm afraid it does."

Conclusion: BC Yo-Yo's are not worh your money.

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