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Sydney 2000 Olympic & Paralympic Buses Photo Section

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ErkTrans 2000 Olympic & Paralympic Buses Index Page


Welcome to the Olympic & Paralympic Buses section of ErkTrans. This section features buses from various locations as sighted during the Sydney 2000 Olympics and Paralympics in service on Olympic/Paralympic duties. Buses in non Olympic/Paralympic services can be seen here.


Please note that this site is not meant to be over technical in relation to the types of buses etc.  My main interest in photographing buses is for things such as their operating environment and colour schemes and not the mechanical makeup of the bus.


Bus information in this section was obtained from Bus Australia.  



Olympic & Paralympic Games (Bus 2000) Overview


















Buses from all over New South Wales together with buses from Queensland, the ACT and Victoria have combined to provide shuttle services for spectators, officials, media and athletes to Olympic & Paralympic venues, transport interchanges and park and ride locations.  


Road closures, Olympic lanes, Clearway and Parking restrictions (such as those pictured left), school holidays, businesses varying hours or closing and a greater use of public transport were major factors in making travel around Sydney easier than expected.


Only accredited officials, staff, media and athletes were able to use some services. People with tickets to Olympic & Paralympic events were provided with bus travel as detailed below as part of their event tickets. Normal private and State Transit services were not included in this scheme.


Photos in this section show some of the buses that were used in the program called Bus 2000. These buses were mainly available due to school holidays being held at the same time as the Olympics. During the Paralympics, sports were mainly held at Olympic Park and some other venues so less buses were required.


Some State Transit and private routes were changed or cancelled to release other buses. The buses were mainly based at a an old Defence Department site in Regents Park. 



Services operated as follows from CityRail stations during the Olympics (stations and sports shown):


bulletPenrith - Rowing, Kayaking and Slalom
bulletBlacktown, Doonside and Liverpool - Shooting, Equestrian, Mountain Biking, Softball, Baseball
bulletWest Ryde - Water Polo
bulletBondi Junction - Beach Volleyball
bulletCentral - Football
bulletBankstown - Cycling
bulletLidcombe - Various buses for International Broadcasting Centre and Olympic Park for Olympic accredited staff and sponsors.
bulletCity Circle stations - Free City Loop


Olympic Roads and Transport Authority (ORTA) Olympic Park Spectator buses ran on the following routes to and from Olympic Park (info from ORTA):


bulletRoute 1A - Warriewood via Dee Why
bulletRoute 1B - Warriewood via Mona Vale
bulletRoute 2A - Glebe via Gladesville
bulletRoute 2B - Glebe via Hunters Hill
bulletRoute 3 - Macquarie University
bulletRoute 4A - Maroubra
bulletRoute 4B - Canterbury
bulletRoute 5A - Castle Hill
bulletRoute 5B - Bella Vista Park
bulletRoute 6 - Menai
bulletRoute 7A - Miranda
bulletRoute 7B - Cronulla
bulletRoute 8 - Dural



ErkTrans Olympics 2000 Bus section last updated 23 March 2002



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