2001 NRL Season Semi Finals

Week 1, Match 4

Eels (1) V Warriors (8)

Parramatta Stadium


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Many Eels, Single Warrior. Michael Buttener runs the ball for Parramatta with many team mates in support but the only Warrior partly visible is Jerry Seu Seu.
Warrior Francis Meli prior to the start of play.
Tough Eels defence should have been copied by the Warriors. Instead, the Warriors conceeded 56 points.
Warriors five-eighth Motu Tony (or is that Tony Motu?) appears to be praying prior to kick off.
Scrum down!
Warriors captain Stacey Jones had a running battle with referee Tim Mander and I was able to hear it all via Sport Ears.
Warriors interchange forward Mark Tookey used to play for Parramatta. The trademark "Tookey" chant went up the few times he touched the ball.
Where did Stacey Jones' kicking leg go? It has blended in with the player behind him.
Warriors fullback Ivan Cleary prepares to kick for goal.
Warriors centre Clinton Toopi and Eels lock Daniel Wagon fly to contest a kick.
The Parramatta backline had a field day.
Warrior Jerry Seu Seu (later) and team mate show some tough defence on a rare occasion.
Parramatta prop Alex Chan's game ended after a head clash.
Pick the Warrior that will run onto the ball next?
David Solomona runs the ball up for the Eels.
With 56 points against them, the Warriors certainly had plenty of kick off practice.

It's up up and away for away for Eels PJ Marsh, who is about it hit the ground, FAST! As play continues......
... Marsh gets in a dangerous horizontal position.


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