Round 3 Photo Action - Penrith Panthers V Northern Eagles 

Northern Eagles prop Nik Kosef is tackled by Sid Domic (headgear) and Craig Greenhill.


Brett "Small Island" Kimmorley holds the ball close to his chest as Steve Trindall (8) looks on.
Under the watchful eye of referee Mark Oaten, last minute replacement Eagles fullback Sam Murphy scores with no Panthers in sight........ 
...... and is only confronted by Panther players after placing the ball down. You wouldn't be doing a post-try sledge would you Sam? 
Penrith players look towards the big screen while the Video Referee looks at a try for the Eagles.
Northern Eagles goal kicker Ben Walker lines up another kick at goal.

John Cross goes in for a try with no Eagle able to stop him.

Penrith's Ryan Girdler kicks for goal.


"Let go! You are ripping it!"


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