Photos - Round 23 

Northern Eagles V North Queensland Cowboys


The featured match in round 23 on ErkSports is Northern Eagles V North Queensland Cowboys at Brookvale Oval.

I've heard of being behind the 8 ball but this is ridiculous!

"Give me the ball! It's mine!"
Julian O'Neil forces Eagle fullback Brendan Reeves in goal.

The Cowboys during a post Eagles try team meeting.
Eagles winger John Hopoate forces the ball for what he thought was a try but it was denied. According to referee Shayne Hayne, the ball went forward.
Eagles fresh reserves stretch prior to action.
The Northern Eagles' trainer would have been the only Eagle close enough to prevent this Cowboy try.
It is the Northern Eagles' turn to talk turkey in their in goal.
Well Hoppa, just don't stand there! Tackle him! 
Try time again for the Cowboys.
Eagles fullback Brendan Reeves runs the ball out of his own red zone.
North Queensland celebrate a try while Eagle Brett Kimmorley looks on.
Is it a try? Cowboy Paul Bowman (4) has Eagles fullback Brendan Reeves in close proxminity after a kick.... 
..... the referee calls for the Video referee to decide on the try while Brendan Reeves sits in the classic "Grand Final loser" position. A try was awarded.
Is this the last time that the Northern Eagles will be seen at Brookvale Oval?

Northern Eagles captain Geoff Toovey played his last game at Brookvale Oval and while his team didn't win (it was a 24 all draw), he played strongly without being outstanding. At the end of the game, Geoff went on a slow lap of honour.

With the well documented problems of the Northern Eagles off the field, which field and which jumper will Eagles halfback Brett Kimmorley see himself involved in next year?

Some people say that the Northern Eagles jumper is more Manly than North Sydney. Here is a photo from the Manly First Division game earlier, you decide!


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