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Erika Slezak Library

Regis & Kelly
March 15, 2001

Excerpts from Interview

Erika says it doesn't seem like 30 years. It feels more like 3 years.
Kelly tells Regis he should touch Erika as she's won 5 Emmys. Regis is hoping to win his first.

Regis shows photos of Viki:

Photo of Erika from 1971 It one with long hair taken during her first year on the show and the only year she had long hair Erika adds.
Photo of Viki visiting "Heaven": Erika remarks how she was dressed in white chiffon, ballet slippers and no makeup, that's how she wants to go to heaven.
Photo of Viki and Ben dancing at their Wedding Reception: Erika says, yes, that's Mark Derwin. I like to tease him that he's my current husband.

Kelly adds (regarding Mark): Isn't he great?

Erika nods in agreement and says Mark Derwin is just adorable.

Kelly remarks that they are such a cute couple.

Erika agrees they are. "He is just adorable, we have a lot of fun and I think it shows. We like each other and it shows on the screen, it makes a huge difference."

Kelly asks if there is a party?

Erika tell Regis and Kelly that ABC is throwing her a big party tonight (3/15/01) and that tomorrow her Executive Producer is giving her a special luncheon with everyone in the studio invited. She's delighted because everyone she works with every day, some for 28 years, will be invited.

Favorite Storyline: Multiple personality storyline and Breast Cancer storyline. Erika discusses the many contacts she's had from breast cancer patients and talks about one who stopped her yesterday. Erika says if the storyline helped get one person that's all the reward you can ask for.

Least Favorite Storyline: Hypnotizing Viki and having her shoot her son that she really loved.

Erika goes on to say that I am an actress, I was hired to play Victoria, even if sometimes my heart isn't in it.

Kelly jumps in and says she has never seen Erika give a performance where her heart wasn't in it.

Erika: That's what they pay me for, that's my job, I get great pleasure out of it.

Kelly admits to being a "Shameless" OLTL Fan!

As Erika leaves Kelly and Erika hug with Kelly telling her she is the best.

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