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Quest  Information

Belt Grimblade--Quest for a Cure

Patrons of the Whispering Pines Tavern were recently accosted by a stubborn ghost who seemingly refused resurrection.  Mariah was able to contact this tormented soul through her ability to speak with the spirit world.  It was the spirit of Belt Grimblade.  He asked that she contact Niamb Goldenhair and have her meet him in Delucia in the facet of Felucca.  

Mariah sent a pigeon winging to Niamb and soon a party was assembled to accompany her to Delucia, Felucca.  There, in a run-down tavern on the edge of town, they found Belt Grimblade.  Niamb was shocked for Belt was a wasted shadow of the mighty warrior he once was.  Belt explained he had been held as a slave of the Drow for many years.  He had just recently escaped.  During his escape, he killed a Drow priestess and had a powerful curse cast upon him by a wizard of the Drow.  Now, whenever he tries to travel to the facet of Trammel, his very spirit is ripped from his body.  

The group transported Belt to a secret location in Felucca to hide from his Drow pursuers and to mend in body and spirit.  It was agreed that they should contacted the learned seers of Wind to see if a counterspell might be found to undo the curse placed upon Grimblade by the Druid wizard.  Arkaana Kohl of Wind has agreed to search for such a spell and contact Edinburgh if she is able to locate  one.

Those interested in helping locate the spell, should gather at the Whispering Pines Tavern on Sunday evening, February 10 at 8PM in the eastern sky.



Seer Imladris will be with us no more.

The Banshees' Cry--by Niamb Goldenhair

Thank You--XMackenzie's Tribute to Seer Imladris

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