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Oct. 21--Whispering Pines Under New Management

Robin is the new owner of the Pines.  Though the village has been inactive of late, with his enthusiasm, we are hoping to get activities organized in the village again.

Feb. 8--Niamb Goldenhair and Telos Agralia are Wed

In a ceremony performed at the Sacred Oak behind the town hall, Niamb Goldenhair and Telos Agralia were joined in marriage.  The Druid pirest Father Rohan performed the ceremony.  Niamb was attended by Dearro of Moh, while Telos' brother Eliga Tiga stood as best man.


Jan. 7--Jane Trehawke is Mayor of Edinburgh

At yesterdays' guild meeting Jane Trehawke agreed to take over as Mayour, Pro-temp.  She replaces Niamb Goldenhair as mayor of the village.  Rosie was removed from the Council due to inactivity and replaced by Allaard Riovanes, the GM of SOC.