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Wisdom Stone

Village of Edinburgh Guidelines and Laws

In front of you, you see a hoary old stone, grey and lichen covered. It is the village's stone of wisdom. If you peer at it long enough the subtle magic of the stone slowly changes the slashes, spirals, and dimples on it into something you understand. The are such things on it such as `Mongbats do not make good childrens pets!' and `You must grind the Lizardman meat 3 times to make it tender for pies'. But you also find the laws of the Edinburgh.

1. Respect...Because of our roots (Edinburgh was started as a player town dedicated to the exchange of ideas and the teaching of the Arts & Crafts) we are a guild of mixed play styles. We have those who do not role-play. We have those who role-play only part of the time they are in game. And we have those who live and breath role-playing and are never out of character. Therefore those who do not role-play will not harrass those that do role-play, and they will attempt to speak in a medieval form when they are in the public parts of town. Also those who do role-play will not harrass or try to enforce others to have a medieval play style while they are in our village. (For Role-play details see the link under applications) Respect includes types of character and race.

2. Active participation...If you're not going to be involved, why bother to be in a guild? All members are required to read and post in our forums and to attend at least one village event a month (training, activity, or guild meeting) Inactive members will be purged from the guild stone(s). If RL (real life) is going to temporarily keep you inactive, inform the Mayor and they will inform the Stone Keeper(s) to continue to maintain you on the guild stone(s).

3. Admission to the Village...You must fill out an application and all applicants may face up to a 2 week waiting period. During that waiting period the applicant will be active on our forums and in events so the members of the Village have a chance to get to know the applicant. The applicant can be denied by the Mayor and/or the Council. Application to our Warring guild, the Guardians of Edinburgh, can only be started after the member has been active in our community for at least two weeks and applicants may face up to a week waiting period. The application will be decided by the Mayor and/or Council, and until they do the applicant will not be added to the GoE stone. (Long standing members may switch their characters back and forth except for the Stone Masters. They need to resign to the council or be removed from their office.)

4. Sub-guilds of Edinburgh...All secondary guilds formed by the Council are subject to and answerable to the Mayor and the Council, and shall take no independent action. If the members of and the Stone Masters of such guilds do not obeys the laws set up by the Council for that guild they may be removed from that guild and perhaps from Edinburgh.

a. The Stone Master of the VoE stone will not add new members to the stone until told to by the Mayor and/or the Council. Members of the village can ask to have other characters of their's added, but should inform the Mayor of the addition via an application. The Stone Master of the VoE stone will not delete anyone unless ordered by the Mayor and/or Council or by the owner of the character. The Stone Master will only grant titles in keeping with the theme of our village and will not grant a special title (such as Councilmember) to someone without the Mayor's and/or Council's permission.

b. The Stone Master of the GoE stone will not add new members to the stone until told to by the Mayor and/or the Council. The Stone Master of the GoE stone will not War nor Peace a guild unless ordered directly by the Mayor and/or Council. The Stone Master of the GoE shall maintain close contact with the Mayor and the Council to keep them informed of important guild matters and to keep them updated on the latest events in the guild. The Stone Master will keep the Mayor informed about changes in the member roster.

5. The Council of Edinburgh...All Council Members will attend Council and Village Meetings unless they notify the Mayor ahead of time. All Council Members will be active in village events and in the village forums. If, in the event the Mayor needs a sabbatical or needs to step down the Steward shall take up the office of Mayor until the Mayor returns or the Council calls for a Mayoral vote. And if the Steward can not take up the office of Mayor, then the Stone Master of the VoE shall, until the Steward can or the Mayor returns or the Council calls for a Mayoral vote.