Alternate Energy, or Clean Energy
After the tragedy of September 11 and the fighting that resulted from it, I started thinking about what could be done to make things better.  One of the reasons for the presence of the United States in Iraq and surrounding areas is because of the oil.  Why?  We can't produce enough to sustain our country, yet foreign countries are kind enough to trade their surplus with us so that the capitalists and consumers are satisfied.  If we could reduce our country's need for oil and fuel, it would be beneficial in so many ways.  It would give the economy a chance to focus on more important issues, like conserving the earth's resources.  In addition to the grid electricity there should also be an alternate, clean, source of energy, installed with each new house that is built.  Solar and wind-powered generators do not pollute the atmosphere, and are more efficient than the mainstream power source.  To find out more, check out these links:


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