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This page is so outdated I just took it down. I'll rework it and have it up again as soon as I can.



Baby Page

I've moved and organized all the photos. They were eating too much memory, so this is where they are now.

This is just my little corner of the web. It's a few things that interest me and a place to practice/learn web programming. It started out as a site for my wife and me, but she has her own site now.
If you want to leave a comment, just use one of the Guest Books on the appropriate page. I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can, if I feel it's worth my time.

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Some of my favorite links that don't really go anywhere else.
I accidently deleted this page, so I'm having to recreate everything (with a few modifications). Some of the copyright info is missing, but I will try to rememdy that as soon as possible.

My Wife's Pottery Business

Probably my most visited site.

Old School Punk Rock

Probably my favorite Bettie Page Site.

Where I got the background art.
Some really nice Celtic work.

Hyaline: An excellent band I recently discovered.

My all time favorite band.

My favorite city in the world. My wife and I spent 2 days here on our honeymoon.

Another band I recently re-discovered. I forgot how good these guys are.

Just what it says, information on comics being made into movies.

Ahh, homstar runner dot net. It's dot com.

Yeti Sports: some fun games, good way to waste time.

This guys name is Jared Hindman. His are is kind of a stream of conciousness painting. I love this guys work. Check him out.