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Welcome in Rabat

And now let us admire the tower Hassan, situated also on the esplanade or is situated Mausollée Mohamed 5.
The tower Hassan near the place Sidi-Makhlouf, the minaret of one Mosque of Xlle century. Unfinished, he would have owed Peak in 80 m, while it reaches only 44 m. Its Four faces are decorated differently. The one Is grey and the other pink. This effect is due in The action of the navy breezes on the exposed side. In Its foot, a flowerbed of columns. It is all Which stays of what should have been the vastest Mosque of the world, conceived in Xlè century by one Architects who did not miss ambition lls Had foreseen 312 pilliers columns and 42 of marble To support a building of which it does not stay more than Impressive bases.
And here is Mosque of the Royal Palace, place of residence of King of Morocco since Mohamed 5.
This is a small door of the royal Palace.
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