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Trinidad was classified patrimony world of the humanity and openly when one discovers the city one understands why, the time seems to have stopped two hundred years ago, and really it is almost that. The city takes out only now its sleep, and regrettably It is can be not for the best. But not having hesitated especially not to roam in the city and to go to eat in the houses of the inhabitants, paladors.
To end the journey we arrived at Santiago, city or Castro revolutionary one taken away their first victory , but also Sudden of numerous undone. Be that as it may of the regime, before Castro's success it is necessary to know that the blacks, who represent 70 % of the population Had no right of citizenship before.
And here is the Fort which keeps the entrance of the port of Santiago. Santiago was the first city of the country based by the men of Colomb! It was the capital Of the country during of numerous years.
And now let us be going to discover the farmers and the typical means of transportation of Cuba or
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