Characters of the forces of the evil: various people or races

In truth, goblins a species with share, but people which decided to live in the dark ones under grounds of the Earth of the Medium. They learned how to climb with the rock faces and to see in darkness. They hate the sun and never leave.
Although they are timorous, the goblins are creatures without mercy, and will kill some is which penetrated their territory. The hierarchical structure of the goblins is not difficult to see: The strongest guide, and the others follow. It is for that that these malefic creatures are always under the domination of a more powerful Master. The goblins do not build beautiful things, but more the share are very gifted and manufacture many weapons like arcs and lances, at the time of a war, they try to not take the advantage by their force, but by their number.
Created by the crossing between the goblins and the orcs, which have the capacity to live even during the day. Saroumane made a large army of it to find the single ring and to attack the Pit of Helm.
It is known as which the origin has, the orcs of Elfs, but captured, and were tortured by the ténêbreux lord Morgoth. They obey it and are under its orders. The Orcs are hideous and ugly creatures. These wild creatures only live to massacre and destroy all that they meet. It is not rare that they is entered kill cruelly. They fear the light, because that returns them blind man. They speak the black spoken about Mordor and have all of the acute voices. ll exists various types of Orcs, like the Goblins, which are smaller than the others and live in the galleries of the Misty Mounts. It is them also which have invades the large underground galleries of Moria.
Les Orientaux
It is people of the men which are with with dimensions of Sauron, just like the men savage of the country of Dun and the pirates!BR>
Wild Men
It is people of the men which are with with dimensions of Saroumane.
Les Oliphants
Enormous élephants used by the Eastern ones to fight!BR>
Allows has Sauron to dominate the weak spirit of the men in their showing his supposed power. He has permi to dominate Saroumane, to corrupt Grima, and especially to return insane Denethor
And now return .