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Lord of the ring trilogy

This page will allow me you present the most famous book of JRR Tolkien: the trilogy of the Lord of the ring.< .
I decided to use Peter Jackson's movies to do it, because if at the begining I fear to see it I finally enjoyed them! HE use all the books to realize one of he best movie, oups sorry, movies, I have seen...
I will not do like others looking for every details not done, not present, true or not, I will just give some information and funny stuff... Anyway it easy to say, difficult to do...
First of all i will present some characters, almost all in fact, of the trilogy,
split between the forces of good and the forces of evil.
The next page present the various decorations of the trilogy, or how Peter Jackson succeed to recreate with his team the environment of the books of Tolkien, and how the Zelande News presents close landscapes.
The battles hold a dominating place in the conflict between the good and the evil, that it is the attack of the wargs, the battle of the pit of Helm, that of Undermined Tirith, the combat between Gandalf and Saroumane(ou Saruman following the language...)
Finally synopses and anectdotes on the trilogy of the Lord of the rings....
And now come back to Lord of the Ring.