Characters of the forces of evil: the principal ones

Disciple of Melkor, it represents and especially incarnates the evil with the second and the third age. It is him which forged 9 Rings to be able for the human ones and 7 for the Dwarves, thanks to what Celebrimbor taught him. But the three Rings Elves it did not touch them and does not have thus to be able on them. It was battut by the alliance of the men and of the Elves to the battle of Orodruin and it any material existence lost. Of him only one giant eye remains which, since the fortress of Barad-Dûr, explores the world with the research of the Ring which will give again all its capacities to him.

Saruman the White, Saruman the Wise one, Master of the order of Istari (in fact not completely), which was left tried by Sauron the corrupter. He works from now on with him in order to recover the Single Ring. He raised a gigantic army of Uruk-hate and Orcs to take the control of the Middle Earth.
Saruman had a place with the Council of Elrond. Are absence was noticed besides at the time of the creation of the Community of the Ring. Historically, Saruman has toujorus be jealous - being wary of Gandalf, knowing it more powerful than it let it appear.
This man of Rohan become the adviser of king Théoden actually works for Saroumane. He was called Langue of Snake because of his bad councils.Once driven out by Gandalf, it took refuge near its Master in Isengard.
It is him which will speak to him quasi about the fault of the pit of Helm allowing it falls of the last rampart of Rohan.
Gollum was formerly a Hobbit named Sméagol. But when his/her Déagol cousin found the Ring Single while fishing, it was allured by its capacity and did not hesitate to assassinate Déagol to adapt the Ring.Driven out by the Hobbits it took refuge in the Misty Mounts and was transformed into being monstrous under the influence of the Ring.
Years later, it lost its invaluable treasure which then fell between the hands from Bilbon. Since, it is ready with very to recover the Ring. It is him which will guide Frodon and Sam until A the Mountain of the Destiny while seeking has to harm to them and has to kill them.
Les Nazgûls
Or Spirits being useful of the Ring. These nine human kings and wizards succumbed to the capacities of the Rings that Sauron had offered to them. They became spectra charged to traverse the Earth of the Medium to the research of the Single Ring.
They cannot be killed, but simply cursed... Their chief, the King wizard cannot be killed out of the hand of a man! They overlap standards black or terrifying flying animals of which the cry scare men!

And now Mordor's captains.