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Middle Earth V

On the River Anduin two rules representing the ancètre of Aragorn: Isildur and Anarion bar the passage towards the Lake Nen Hithoel, it marks the old border of the north of the kingdom of Gondor
Cara Durn
Carn Dûm is the mountainous top at the northern end of Hithaeglir, which bears to north the name of Mounts of Angmar. On this mountain the capital of Angmar was, the kingdom founded in 1300 of the Third Age by King Sorcier, the Lord of Nazgûl, and depopulated after its defeat in 1975 3A.
Not arriving the collar of Caradhras Communaté of the ring has to cross aventur in the mines of Moria ...
When the Dwarves were obliged to flee Khazad-dûm in 1980 3A after having released Balrog with deepest of the mines of mithril, their secular city was famous Moria. Towards 2480 3A, Sauron populates all the Misty Mounts of its Orcs, in order to bar the passage between Eriador and Rhovanion, and especially Moria where Balrog is there powerful allied.
In 2790 3A, Thrór turned over in Moria, but it was killed by Azog, the chief of the Orcs, which started terrible Guerre of the Dwarves and Orcs, which was completed in 2799 3A with bloody Bataille of Azanulbizar, where almost all the Orcs were exterminated, as well as half of the Dwarfs warriors . Between 2989 3A and 2994 3A, Balin tried a recolonisation, but Balrog was always present and they were trapped by the Orcs in the east and Guetteur posted in the pond in the west.
Surrounded of Ered Lithui in north and Ephel Dúath in the south and the west and of the large plains of Nurn in the east, Mordor is the fortified town since the year thousand of Sauron, and these natural ramparts against its enemies of the west protect from any incursion, with the shelter in its tower of Barad-dûr, in the medium of a volcanic plate. From Mordor, Sauron carried out the war against the Elves to the Second Age, and it remained there, until its tender with Ar-Pharazôn in 3362 2A. After the immersion of Númenor, Sauron returned in Mordor and in 3429 2A, it attacked Gondor, just created by Exilés of Númenor, and took Minas Ithil. But in 3434, the Last Alliance of the Elves and the Men, carried out by Elendil and Gil-galad, invades Mordor, overcame Sauron after seven years of head office of Barad-dûr, which was shaven, and cleaned the country of its servants.
During the Third Age, Gondor built fortresses like Durthang or Cirith Ungol to prevent the return of the malefic forces. Due to the decline of Dunedain, the guard was done less strict and, after the Great Plague of 1636 3A, the guêt was completely abandoned. Nazgûl invested the country then in order to make preparations for the return of Sauron, hidden at this period with Dol Guldur .
Sauron thus returns in Mordor and is declared openly in 2951 3A. It begins the rebuilding of Barad-dûr and gathers its armies of Orcs and Human of the east and the south. During the War of the Ring, in 3019, it releases its hordes on Gondor starting from the door of Morannon in north and of Undermined Morgul in the west, cutting Dúnedain of possible reinforcements.
The destruction of the Single Ring, thrown in the lava in fusion of the Mount of the Destiny, destroyed the capacity of Sauron and all that remained thanks to him. Barad-dûr broke down, Orodruin entered in a terrible eruption and there the whole of Mordor was devasté by terrible earth tremors, marking the end of Sauron and its servants malefic and the release of the controlled populations of the agricultural areas of Nurn .
Minas Morgul
With the border of the dark country of Mordor, in the valley later called Imlad Morgûl, vis-a-vis in Minas Arnor, later Minas Tirith, perched on the western slopes of Ephel Dúath is Minas Morgul , the Tower of the Black Magic, remains of Nazgûl, which was formerly the brilliant tower of the moon, Minas Ithil, built by Númenoréens in exile in the neighbourhoods of 3320 2A, like fortress of monitoring of Mordor .
It placed under the order of Sauron between 3429 and 3434, right before the War of the Last Alliance of the Elves and the Men at the time of the Second Age In 2002 3A, Minas Ithil was definitively conquered by the enemy, Palantír of which Sauron made the use later is seized . It was useful as from this moment of residence for Nazgûl and was an important point in the War of the Ring, controlling the access to Mordor by Gondor and Ithilien, for the ruins of Osgiliath. At the Fourth Age, it was not repopulated by Dúnedain, and one is unaware of its to become .
Mont Doom
Where the One ring was forged! And the only place or it could be destroyed .
And now come back.