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Middle Earth II

Between Anduin and the door is of Moria, is the forest of Lórien, one of the kingdoms of the Sylvains Elves, probably created at the First Age Also named initially Laurelindorenan then Lothlórien, Lórien had at the Second Age Amroth, wire of Amdír, as King. But in the neighbourhoods of the year 2050 of the Third Age, Amroth leaves Lórien and it is there that Galadriel and Celeborn become the King and Injury of Lorien. The only city of Lórien is Caras Galadhon, protected by a ditch and a palisade. Few men ever crossed the borders of this country and in Rohan and Gondor one tells that the Injury of Lórien is a witch who it would be better not to meet. However the members of COmmunauté of the Ring remained there during the Search of the Ring and Gimli appreciated the words of Éomer little because it fell under the charm from its beauty.
Caras Galadhon The Elves of Lórien, called Galadrim, People of the Trees, live on flets, i.e. a kind of platform placed in the trees. Lórien was a long time one of the havens of peace of the Earth of the Medium because, like Elrond with Imladris, Galadriel has one of the Rings Elfiques, Nenya, the forged Ring of mithril.
La ville ou se trouve Elrond et le consiel d'Elrond, la ou se rend Frodo et ou va se former la communauté del'Anneau...
Still the realization of this city required much imagnitation of the team, first of all the presence of water realized from a closed loop and chlorinated to avoid making green water, then the models and the vegetation, sometimes a true breakage head, but such a success!
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