Forces of the goods: Hobbit

The presentation of these characters will be done by race, one will start with that of the Hobbit, the future of the men being between the hands of most improbable creature of the ground of the medium... <
Bilbon Baggins
adoptive father of Frodo, it is also his uncle
It is him which discovered the single ring lost by Golum in the caves of the Misty Mounts at the time of its adventure with Thorin, Balin and 11 other dwarves to release the Solitary Mount of the influence of Smaug, the dragon which drove out the Dwarves of their cave, to know its history read Bilbo the Hobbit.
Frodo Baggins
He is the carrier of the ring which, to the danger of its life, will bring it in Mordor to destroy it. It will be helped by his faithful friend Sam. It will leave there ravaged and tired but alive .
Bilbo and Frodo are both only not elf which will have left out of ground Aman after the destruction the Ring. They had this privilege owing to the fact that it have both summer of the carriers of the ring.
Peregrin Took
Pipin : friend of Frodo, one of the new members of the Community of the Ring and one of the quatres liberators of the County.
It one old devil with his friend Merry, and they will leave together for a single adventure ...
It had the chance/malchance to look in one of Palantirs, the stones of visions and to find "nose with nose" with Sauron. What is not given to everyone nevertheless.
Meriadoc Brandebouc
(Merry) : friend of Frodo and especially of Pipin, one of the new members of the Community of the Ring and one of the quatres liberators of the County .
Merry and Pipin have both goal of the "potion of Ents", it is not harmful, but that their nevertheless couté to grow of a few centimetres. In fact, they reached almost the size of a dwarf and became largest Hobbit of the County.
Samsagace Gamegie
(Sam) : friendly gardener then of Frodo. It accompanied Frodo in this qučte by the destruction of the Ring since the beginning and until the end. It saved Frodo of died while wounding and by driving out Shillob, it helped it to transport the burden which became the ring as they approached of Mount Doom.
It was always prčt to be mourrir for Frodo.
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