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Mt Rainier Scenic Railway's annual event:

Tacoma Railfan Days, May 6-7, 1986

These photos were taken at the Frederickson Wye and in Tacoma

Visit, the home of the Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad.

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On the grade approaching 176th ST E (just north of the Wye).  These first three photos were taken from the 176th ST overpass.

On the grade approaching 176th ST E At the Wye, Number 5 doing a photo runby

On the Southeast leg of the wye.  Several years after these photos were taken, the track configuration was changed at the wye.  Here, you can see a siding to the left.  This siding was removed in the late 80's and  new siding was installed that follows the curve on the other leg of the wye.  The other leg of the wye is visible in the extreme left center are of this photo, just behind the person wearing the red shirt.

Departing the Frederickson Wye.  This photo was taken form the 176th ST overpass

Downtown Tacoma, near Freighthouse Square

Ascending the grade at Tacoma Gulch

 2001Railfan Days

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