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Tom Brokaw's Interview with President Bush

THE PRESIDENT: ............ My point to you is that we have an orderly process to bring stability and food and health to the Iraqi people, so life can begin to return to normal. And then I'm confident that a government will emerge. I dismiss the critics who say that democracy can't flourish in Iraq. It may not look like America. You know, Thomas Jefferson may not emerge. But, nevertheless, I do believe there can be a representative government and all factions can be represented.

Q But if it becomes an Islamic government -- with a 60 percent Shiite majority, it could very well become that -- would that be acceptable to you?

THE PRESIDENT: What I would like to see is a government where church and state are separated. And I believe there's enough people within Iraq that would like that kind of -- there may be a nationalist government, a government that really honors the Iraqi history and the Iraqi traditions and Iraq, itself. But it must be a government that is going to, you know, represents all the people. And I believe that can happen.

Is private ownership of handguns worse than choices made by some people to make money from and be trained in the violence of law enforcement?


I am an ethical atheist, egoist, relativist, and subjectivist.

I am against essentialism, physicalism, realism, materialism, and rationalism (each in historic context).

I have spent time in codependency groups, in parenting groups, and debating philosophy, morality, and psychology.

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