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Friday, November 02, 2001
Walk on single released on 19th November

From Walk On, which went to No.1 in Canada earlier this year, is released in the UK, Ireland, Australia and other European countries from November 19th.
Walk On is released in several formats. Here is the two that will appear in the Greek stores:

1. Walk On (4:24) - Video Version Directed By Jonas Akerland
2. Where The Streets Have No Name (6:02) - Live From Boston, 6th June 2001
3. Stay (Faraway, So Close!) (5:39) - Live From Toronto, 25th May 2001

CD2 Ė Enhanced
1. Walk On (4:11) - Single Version
2. Stuck In A Moment You Canít Get Out Of - Acoustic (3:43)
3. Stuck In A Moment You Canít Get Out Of - Video Directed By Joseph Kahn

Watch the Walk On video at

The Cleveland Show

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