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Thursday, February 08, 2001
The Astoria Gig!


Reuters' Article
U2 arrived on stage to a huge roar from the crowd. Lead singer Bono was bedecked in black, wore his trademark wraparound sunglasses and wore the rosary given to him by the Pope.
The band clearly relished the unusual setting and their playing reflected the words on a sticker on Bono's guitar which read "I FEEL GOOD."

Article by NME
Tickets were selling outside for £1000 and ticket-holding fans were turning down offers of £800 from people desperate to get a glimpse of their favourite band.
Greek Article by
Sky's Article
Singer Bono told the crowd: "We're back, we're applying for the job. You know the job we're talking about. This is our night and the job is best band in the world." At one point Bono introduced the members of the band, an act which he has tried to avoid doing throughout the bandís career. He said: "I'd like to introduce the family. It's a pretty old school thing to do and I've only ever done it once before."
The singer commented on drummer Larry Mullen: "Someone this handsome will never sing in this band", labelled guitarist The Edge "the card carrying genius" and said of bassist Adam Clayton: "I sat beside him at school and he got away with doing nothing to just perfect manners."

The Setlist by
Until the End of the World
Beautiful Day
Elevation / Stepping Stone
Stuck In a Moment You Can't Get Out Of
Staring At The Sun
New York
11 O'Clock Tick Tock
I Will Follow
Ground Beneath Her Feet
Mysterious Ways
One / Unchained Melody
All I Want Is You'
Bad / Ruby Tuesday / Sympathy for the Devil

Wednesday, February 07, 2001
NME Awards: U2 awarded the Godlike Genius Award!
The band were awarded the 'Godlike Genius' award for their services to music at last night's NME Carling Awards (February 6). Speaking after picking up their award, singer Bono said that for U2 in their early days, the NME was "an education". MORE>>

U2 also awarded the Best Rock Act Award!