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what's new

We have twenty years experience in training, productivity, and performance improvement in a wide variety of manufacturing environments, including GROCERY RETAILING.


We have worked closely with grocery retailers and have been instrumental in providing solutions which are enabling them to achieve their corporate goals.  Our work has been on both the corporate and store level.  We provide real-world solutions in the supermarket business


recent accomplishments

  • A training program to improve the leadership competence of store managers and co-managers  in a large supermarket chain that was experiencing an abrupt drop in sales because of the age of the stores and poor customer service. The challenges were from the top and the bottom. We were able to develop top management support for the program and build a grass-roots movement to save the company.  We built programs to improve basic management skills and also to help in their movement into new information technology.  Another challenge was how to train the several thousand managers in their stores. We trained about 300 trainers to do this. We took ordinary people (existing company associates) and turned them into great instructors. The number of people to train was a challenge.


  • Developed and implemented dot com training for the new corporate e-service which included e-messaging, planning and scheduling events and meetings, using electronic work orders for repairs/maintenance on scales, registers, scanners, etc., using the corporate e-library, creating and using electronic forms (which replaced the traditional paper version) and access to the corporate website.


  • Developed and implemented scales training for a new centralized scales management initiative, which affected over 750 stores.


  • Developed and implemented store on-line ordering training for a new proprietary on-line ordering system rolled out in January 2001.  Benefits of this system are wide-ranging and include:

    • Use of the handheld terminal and managerís workstation

    • Open, Close, and Review an Order

    • View/Print a Picklist

    • Print a Replacement Tag (through ordering)

    • Create an Unscheduled Order

    • Print Polling Schedules (by supplier)

    • Out-Of-Stocks

    • In-aisle Shelf Taq Replacement

    • Handling Backroom Inventory

    • The Reporting Process and Item Reclamation