DGater D*Con 2002 Pics!  

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Gimme more Guinness! I'm the shit, yes I know. All your spells are belong to me! Ok, who stole my cape, again. Here is your brain on Blue Stuff. Do you want more rum in your Coke, Mister Officer? Yes, I agree, we should nerf Kalath. The discussion of placing more ale in the TG. This picture just isn't funny...
Dunkan Slep'a Sedir Captain TG Bushwig Demeralda Vaile Cpt. TG, Vaile & Dunkan Leroy
aug30_21 aug30_22 Bah, they took my permanant marker away! No, we are not going to fill the fountain in TSC  with ale! All hail Jiffy! Tchori: Damnit Shane, stop touching me! aug30_27 aug30_28 aug30_30
Selabeth Firetoad Jalwin Vaile & Dunkan Neven Galen & Tchori Bushwig, Starman & Selabeth Drunks Wygrin
aug30_31 aug30_32 aug31_01 aug31_02 aug31_03 aug31_04 aug31_05 aug31_06 aug31_07
Sedir & Neven An old Designer & Sedir Dugors/ Ward Audun Teef & Bushwig Set's Temple Atty'a Selabeth Dep'a
DBAG! Well that explains a few things... aug31_14 aug31_15 aug31_16 aug31_17 dcon02-10 dcon02-11 dcon02-12
Galen Neven, Starlyn, Sedir Morpheus Atty'a, Verbie, Morpheus Dep'a Borus Atty'a & Zuberi Alynia Starlyn
dcon02-13 dcon02-2 dcon02-8 sep01_01 sep01_02 sep01_03 sep01_04 sep01_05 sep01_07
Bael, Dunkan, Alynia, Starlyn, Sedir The group Another Group Annual 3-Man Game Alynia & Fawnna Vaile Verbaniah Selabeth Wygrin
sep01_08 sep01_09 sep01_10 sep01_11 sep01_12 sep01_13 sep01_14 sep01_15 sep01_16
Verbie Verbie & Morpheus Atty'a Wygrin Morpheus Sedir Star-eyed Atty'a & Wygrin Sedir & No Vowel
sep01_17 sep01_18 sep01_19 sep01_20 sep01_21 sep01_22 sep01_23 sep01_24 sep01_27
Sedir, Verbie & Morpheus Jalwin & Wygrin Vaile Vaile & Sedir Fawnna, Sedir, Slep'a Sedir, Borus, Slep'a Borus & Firetoad Bael (not Baal) Kalath
sep01_32 I'm a little teapot short and stout You think that's good, imagine what we didn't get pictures of... You do the hoky-poky and you turn yourself around... sep01_36 sep01_37 sep01_38 sep01_39 sep01_40
Zuberi Tchori Vaile & Tchori Vaile Jalwin Jalwin Jalwin Jalwin, yet again Vaile
Untitled-18 Secian lynch mob! Untitled-22 Untitled-6
People More People Dinner @ Steak & Ale Atty'a's Tummy