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  The official site featuring sound samples from the new album, lyrics to the songs, press releases and a message board. Has a great Flash feature and a very cool design. 

Atlantic Records artist feature on Sinéad, where you can listen to sound clips from Sinéad's new album Faith and Courage, watch her latest videos and see some very cool promo shots!

Done collectively by Roman Szendry and Marcel Bobbink (and news edited by yours truly), this site is the Sinéad source on the net! In addition to including a great amount of pictures and audio files, the site also features a comprehensive archive of old news. One of the other features of the site is its glorious discography section, carried out by Marcel Bobbink. There you can find a very detailed and accurate discography even including sleeve pictures.

Having a history of nearly ten years behind, the JITR mailing list is really the place to be for every Sinéad fan! The mailing list, owned and maintained by Michael Berch, is the ultimate source for news and info on Sinéad O'Connor. With a number of members around 250, the list is always lively and nourishing!

Done by Dan Ridley, this site features personal info and pictures of many JITR members. Check it out!

Probably the earliest Sinéad site on the net, this page contains pictures, sound clips, articles and a Quicktime clip from Sinéad and Van Morrison's perfomance in the David Letterman Show.

This site is a beautiful example of Sinéad's influence on her fans. Designed by Johhny, the site includes awesome drawings and paintings of Sinéad, as well as some artwork by Sinéad herself and some other fans.

Great fanpage from Cool Polly, featuring a very interesting collection of screen-shots of Sinéad's US TV appearances.

A new fanpage from Sindri, with a superb design and a useful content. In English and Czech.

Another fan page devoted to Sinéad. Includes pictures, audio and many more.

A great source for those looking for chords to Sinéad's songs. The site has chords to every album execpt for Am I Not Your Girl?,  besides some pictures, a biography and a survey.

A tiny Sinéad page including three videos in Real Audio format, all of which are great! One is a live performance of This Is A Rebel Song from a French TV channel, the other is a small clip from a live version of Don't Cry For Me Argentina and the last one is a small piece of dedication from Sinéad to late Princess Diana.

A lovely fan page from Bilal Rana. The page includes some cool Sinéad pictures, articles, sounds and links.

This interview was aired in a San Fransisco station, KCRW, back in 1997. Sinéad is a guest to Morning Becomes Eclectic; and talks about her past and then new release, Gospel Oak. The broadcast features all songs from Gopel Oak as well as an unreleased demo version of I Am Not Your Baby, the duet between Sinéad and U2's Bono.

Rolling Stone's artist section on Sinéad, including photos, biography and a message board.

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